Begonias Light Requirements: For 5 Types Of Begonia & 3 Bonuses

Understanding Begonias and Light

Begonias come in a bunch of types, with more than 1,800 varieties out there. But they’re pretty particular about light. They like it bright, but not too direct. So, finding them a spot where they get filtered sunlight for a few hours each day is key. Too much direct sun can mess with their leaves, so avoid sticking them right where the sun’s super strong, especially from a south-facing window.

Can begonias take full afternoon sun? Begonias are tolerant of a range of light conditions, from full sun to shade. In colder climates, plants can tolerate more light. In warm regions, they need protection from hot afternoon sun to prevent leaf scald. Varieties with darker foliage can withstand more light than those with green leaves.

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5 Different Begonias, Different Light Tastes

Here’s the lowdown on what different types of begonias prefer:

1. Cane Begonias

Chunky stems and big, colorful leaves are their thing. They love that bright, filtered light, but they can handle a little direct sun in the mornings or evenings.

Do begonias like morning or evening sun? Most begonias do best when planted in an area with morning sun and afternoon shade. Allow enough sunlight to keep the soil moist and healthy. Don’t plant in direct sunlight in regions that experience scorching summers.

2. Rhizomatous Begonias

These guys have a thick, underground thing that stores their food and water. They’re cool with bright, filtered light and can even handle a bit of shade.

Do begonias do better in pots or in the ground? Because of their long flower season and full foliage, begonias shine as container plants. Begonia plants fill and even spill over containers.

3. Rex Begonias

Fancy leaves are their trademark. They also prefer bright, filtered light and can deal with a bit of shade.

4. Trailing Begonias

They have long stems that trail over pots or baskets. They’re into that bright, filtered light vibe and can handle some shade too.

Can begonias handle low light? Do Begonias Do Well in the Shade? These popular flowers are at the top of many people’s lists to plant this year, and we’re happy to tell you that they’ll thrive in that shady spot in your garden. We love that begonias take to our sheltered garden corners and make them stand out, instead of fading into the background.

5. Tuberous Begonias

These ones have big tubers underground and need that bright, filtered light. Make sure to shield them from direct sun.

Do begonias need full sun or shade? First of all, it’s important to note that overall, begonias perform best in light shade or part sun, that is 4-6 hours of morning sun and will do well in deeper shade, especially the tuberous Non-Stops and the flashy foliage types such as Rex begonias.

Playing it Safe

If you’re not sure which kind of begonia you’ve got, playing it safe with the bright, filtered light is a good bet. You can even check the spot in your place by placing a piece of white paper there. If your handprint shows through, the light’s too strong. If it’s barely visible, that’s the sweet spot.

How do you keep begonias blooming all summer? Water, But Not Too Much. Begonias do not need much watering. … Give Them Adequate Sun. Although they are shade-friendly plants, they need at least 4 hours of early sun to bloom. … Use Light Soil. … Fertilize Them Regularly. … Use a High-Quality Compost. … Deadhead When Needed. … Choose The Right Varieties. … Watch Your Temperature.

3 Extra Tips for Happy Begonias

Keeping your begonias in top shape? Here are some extra tips:

1. Turn Them Around

What happens if begonias get too much sun? Tuberous begonias should be grown in bright shade (too much sun will burn them and too little will make them leggy) and watered only when the soil dries out completely. “We can easily love them to death,” Sanchez said.

Give them a turn now and then so every side gets a taste of the light.

2. Keep ‘Em Clean

Dust off their leaves regularly to let the sunlight through.

Do begonias need lots of water? Begonias thrive in soil that is neither dry nor saturated. Your goal is to find a moisture level and watering schedule that is just right. A good rule of thumb is to water every two to four days. When it’s hot and dry, you’ll need to water more often than when the air cools down and the soil holds more moisture.

3. Brighten Up

If your place doesn’t get enough natural light, consider getting a grow light to give them a boost.

With these tricks, your begonias should do brilliantly, showing off their beautiful flowers and leaves.

Do begonias like coffee grounds? Begonias. Begonias love the addition of phosphorus-potassium and nitrogen to the soil, so coffee is an excellent substitute for chemical fertilizers. Coffee grounds help them develop buds and inflorescences.

What plants can it tolerate both sun and shade? Perennials Highly adaptable sun-or-shade loving daylily, lady’s mantle, goat’s beard, and anemone. Sun-tolerant shade plants such as coral bells, fuchsias, and bergenia. Most spring-flowering bulbs.”

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