Can You Juice Mango Skin? All Info

Do you wonder Can You Juice Mango Skin? This article is all about juicing mango skin.

Yes, you can juice mango skin, but it is not typically recommended. Mango skin is tough and fibrous, and it can be difficult to juice properly.

Can You Juice Mango Skin?

To Juice or Not to Juice Mango Skin

Absolutely, you can totally juice that mango skin, but it’s not the usual go-to move. Why? Well, mango skin is pretty tough and can be a bit of a challenge to juice properly. Plus, it’s got something called urushiol, which can stir up allergies in some folks, so be mindful of that.

The Mango Juicing Adventure

But if you’re feeling adventurous and decide to go for it, here’s the lowdown. First things first, give that mango a good wash-down. Get rid of any ugly marks or bruises – we want the good stuff. Once your mango’s squeaky clean, chop that skin into smaller bits and toss it in your juicer. Just remember, you might need to make a few rounds to get all the juice out.

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Tips for Juicing Mango Skin

Got your heart set on juicing that skin? Check out these tips:

1. Choose the Right Juicer

Opt for a masticating juicer – it’s a champ with fibrous fruits like mango skin.

2. Cut It Right

Cut that skin into smaller pieces for easier juicing.

3. Juice It Multiple Times

Don’t be shy, juice it multiple times to get all the goods.

4. Strain the Juice

Strain your juice through a fine-mesh sieve to catch any sneaky pulp or fibers.

5. Mix It Up

Consider tossing in other fruits and veggies to balance out that slightly bitter mango skin taste.

The Nutritional Side of Mango Skin

But, here’s the deal – the mango skin isn’t quite as packed with nutrients as the juicy flesh inside. Sure, it’s got some vitamins and minerals, but it’s not your prime source of fiber.


So, bottom line, it’s probably best to save the mango skin juicing for when you’re on a waste-reducing mission. Cheers to experimentation, my friend! 🥭🍹

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