Can You Put Waffles In The Microwave

Waffles are delicious! But, you shouldn’t eat them straight from the freezer. To avoid getting mushy waffles, you should reheat them in the microwave in 30-second intervals. You can only microwave one waffle at a time. If you’re serving many people, you’ll need to make more waffles. How To Cook Frozen Waffles In The Microwave … Read more

How to clean freezer door seal

If you’ve ever had trouble keeping food fresh in your freezer, you’ll know that freezer seals get dirty very quickly. The problem is that they don’t come off quickly, so cleaning them is a real pain. You might think you shouldn’t need to clean your freezer door seal every time you open or close the … Read more

Freeze Cantaloupe

You can enjoy the sweet taste of summer-ripened melons all year round by freezing them. Cantaloupes are delicious when frozen because they contain more sugar than other fruits. Freezing preserves the quality of the fruit. Cantaloupe is a sweet fruit that comes from Mexico. It is also known as muskmelon or honeydew. It is very … Read more

Does freezing lipstick kill germs

The lipstick goes in the refrigerator. The lipstick doesn’t freeze well but does better in the freezThe lipsticktick stays fresh longer when frozen. Lipstick should be stored in the fridge. Unused lipsticks should be kept in the freezer. Lipsticks that have been used should be placed in the fridge. Lipsticks that have melted should be … Read more

Sea Bass Substitute

The term sea bass encompasses Vario and hasshite meat, strong taste, and tends to flake effortlessly when prepared. True sea bass, which is also known as black sea Bass, is nutritious, cheap, and commonly found.   Different fish, generally named sea bass, are costly and are difficult to harvest sustainability. Sea Bass is a type … Read more

Tajin Substitute

Tajin is a popular Mexican spice mix used to add flavor to dishes. It contains salt, chili peppers, dried limes, and other spices. It is often added to tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and many other dishes. Tajin is used by many people around the world. It tastes great on mangoes, papaya, watermelon, cucumber, salad greens, and … Read more

Savory Substitutes

Basil and rosemary are two popular ones. Cilantro is also very popular in Mexican dishes. You can use these herbs instead of the real thing. Related:Sage Infusion Your Best Bet: Thyme Thyme is another herb from the Mediterranean. It is similar to savory. You may have an easier time locating fresh or dried thyme than … Read more