Curing Olives With Lye

Lye-Cured Green Olives

Olives are bitter because they are cured. You can buy them at specialty stores year round. To remove the bitterness, soak them many times in fresh cold water. Lye is used to remove the bitterness. Plan on 3 cups of lye and 15 gallons of cold water.

Expect a little shrinkage, but don’t worry about it. You’ll get 5 pounds of olives, which will fill up five pint-sized jars!

There are 115 calories in this meal. This amount contains 9 grams of fat, 6 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram of protein. This meal also contains vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, and fiber.Olives cured in lye are delicious! They’re preserved without any cooking or processing. The process takes around 6 days.

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Lye can burn you badly if you get it in your eyes. You should always have lemon or vinegar around to neutralize any lyes that splash on your skin. If you swallow lye, you need to call a doctor right away. Don’t induce vomiting. Drink milk or eat eggs.


  • Rinse the olive with water and place them into a 2 gallon glass, stoneware or food grade plastic container with a lid, mix the lye solution in another container and wear rubber gloves and use a long handled wooden spoon or stick to mix the lye solution into the 5 gallons of cold water.
  • Olive oil is extracted by soaking olives in a mixture of water and lye. After the olives are soaked in the lye solution, they are drained and left to sit overnight. Then, the olives are re-soaked in a fresh lye bath for another 12 hours. This process continues until the desired amount of oil is produced.
  • Olives should be soaked in a lye solution before being cured. After soaking, the olives should be rinsed and soaked again. Finally, olives should be drained and soaked once more.
  • Olives should be soaked in fresh, cold water for 3 days. After 3 days, taste an olive for any traces of lye flavor. Combine 5 quarts cold water and 5 tablespoons sea salt. Soak the olives in this mixture for at least 1 day.
  • Olives are delicious fruits that should be stored in the fridge for up to one year to enjoy them later.


Olives should be stored in a cool, dark room. Lye should be purchased in the cleanser section of the grocery store. Keep them in the fridge. You can use them within 2 months.

Lye Vs Vinegar

Lye is used as a cleaning agent. It is also used to clean drains. It is a dangerous chemical that should be handled carefully. When using lye to cure olives, it should be done properly. Olives cured with lye are smoother and more delicious than olives cured by other methods.

You should use vinegar instead of lye to cure olives. Lye is dangerous because it can burn your skin if you get some on it. Vinegar does the same thing but it doesn’t burn your skin. Olives cured with vinegar taste better than olives cured with lye.

Lye was first discovered by Romans, who used it as a disinfectant. In the 1800s, people started using it to make soap. Then, in the 1900s, scientists figured out how to use it to kill germs. Soap companies began selling lye-based products.

Lye cured olives are very hard to make. You must use fresh green oliva. Black olives aren’t suitable because they’re already too ripe. Half-ripe olives are also unsuitable because they’re too soft. Olives should be firm.

You should be careful when mixing lye with water. Lye is very dangerous if mixed with water.

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Lye-Cured Olives: Summary

Don’t wear glasses if you have them because they could break. Wear long sleeves and pants and close shoes. Wear gloves when handling the lye. Use a stoneware crock to store the olives.

Add 3 tablespoons of lye into the water. Always add lye to water instead of water to lye. Mix well with a wooden spoon and stir. Don’t worry about the hot temperature, as long as it isn’t too hot. Your olives should be ready now!

Put the olives in a bowl or jar and cover them with olive oil. Then add salt and pepper. Cover the container and let the olives cure for about three weeks.

The solution is now clear and ready to use. You may want to store it in the refrigerator until you need it.Olives should be soaked in lye for about 12 hours before being rinsed off. This will help preserve the flavor of the olives.

Olives must be cleaned by washing them in fresh water several times a day. This process takes about two weeks. Then they must be soaked in saltwater for another week or so until they are ready to eat.

Brining is an important step in making olive oil. Salt helps draw out moisture from the olives, making them easier to remove from the pits. Kosher salt is fine, but try to get high-quality sea salt.Olives should be stored in salty water for a week before being used. You may want to try different types of salt and see what works best. Once cured, you can start playing around with different flavor combinations.Olives are salty and delicious. You should try them!

 Olive flies are very dangerous insects. They eat olives, and if you see them, pick another one. You should also be careful when you’re harvesting your olives because these bugs can make them rot.

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