Dash Slow Juicer Reviews

Dash slow juicer DCSJ255 is a small, portable, inexpensive cold press juice extractor. 

Because it is a small-sized juice maker, it saves a lot of counter space in the kitchen and keeps the counter organized.

Furthermore, it may be carried in one’s backpack or luggage while traveling and preparing delicious fruits and veggies.

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It employs a slow mastication technique to extract the maximum high-quality juice.

It consumes 130-watt rated electricity to run the drill and powerful motor at the slow pace of 80 revolutions/minute(rpm), significantly less than a standard slow cold press extractor.

This slow cold press juice extraction process avoids oxidation, heat accumulation, and friction, allowing all nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants to be preserved.

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It also performs a comparatively quiet juicing process, maintaining a calm and healthy environment due to its slower speed.

This juicer has a 1.4-inch small feed tube to keep its footprint small. 

However, the smaller feed tube lengthens the time it takes to prepare juice.

You may easily put smaller juicing ingredients in the feeding hole. 

However, large fruits and vegetables must be sliced into tiny pieces to make good juice.

Fortunately, it has a sorbet attachment to easily make frozen cocktails and sorbet.

Unfortunately, this slow, small juicer comes with a limited warranty of 2-year with registration.

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·         Good juice yield

·         Juice of high quality

·         The size is small.

·         A reasonable price

·         Attachment that has been frozen

·         Portable and lightweight

·         Simple use and easy to clean

·         Detachable pieces that can be washed in the dishwasher

·         BPA-free components


·         Feeding chute for small animals

·         Limited Warranty terms

·         The wet pulp


1.      Is Dash Juicer easy to use?

Cold press juice extractors, such as the Dash blender, preserve more nutrients with more juice yield, but they run slow. 

If centrifugal juice machines can make one glass in a few seconds, the slow juicer will take several minutes.

Furthermore, because the feeding tube is usually narrow, you must cut your fruit or vegetable into small chunks. 

Slow masticating juice extractors normally come with a crescent-shaped feeder of 2 × 1.5-inches or around 2-inch in diameter, except for whole slow juice extractors and Hurom H200.

That, in my opinion, is a small price to be paid for a nutrient-dense juice.

You wouldn’t have any problems with Dash blender regarding assembly, operation, or maintenance. 

It’s a small machine with a small number of machine components.

2.     Is it easy to clean?

Another disadvantage of Dash blender is that it is not dishwasher safe. 

However, as I already stated, no huge parts need to be cleaned. 

Washing by hand may take 2 to 3 minutes to wash it.

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Pro Tip:

Cleanse your juicer immediately after use to avoid residue accumulation. 

Otherwise, immerse the detachable components in hot water with some drops of dishwashing solution for just a few minutes. 

Scrub the fibers out of the sieve, rinse it thoroughly, dry it, and the juicer will be as good as a new one.

Take a look at how the Dash Juicer works:

Please take my word for it; check out this video of the Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer in action.

Dash Juicer has a 130-watt motor and is a small cold press juice extractor. It’s a juicer with a low RPM (rotations per minute) that can handle dense vegetables, citrus, and leafy greens. It generates more juice and preserves more nutrients than the competition due to its long juicing process. Along with this, it proves to be one of the most cost-effective cold-press juicers available.

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In a dash juicer, how good is the juice quality?

Cold press juicers, such as the Dash Juicer, are the way to go if you want to get the most nutritional content out of your juice. The juice obtained with centrifugal juicing equipment has a storage life of only 24 hours, whereas cold-pressed juice has a three-day shelf life.

Oxidation is the reason for the difference in shelf life. Juice extractors with high RPMs expose the juice to a lot of oxygen. An easy example is the bubbly, paler juice. A cold-pressed drink with very little foam, a darker color, and a bolder taste is the exact opposite of that.

To conclude, the Dash Cold Press Juicer is remarkable in juice production and nutritional preservation.

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Performance of the Dash Slow Juicer in-Depth


We found out that the Dash compact juicer makes a fair amount of juice. It serves 2 persons because it yields 450-470 ml at a time.

The auger on a bulky juicer would be strong enough to produce a large amount of juice production. The juicer’s extraction performance is ordinary. However, with a 1.4′′ feed tube, some food preparation time is required before juicing.

Preparing lengthier items, such as carrots, is not necessary. Fortunately, a BPA-free food container pusher will assist you in efficiently getting the processing components into the chamber.

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Materials For Design And Construction

Dash is a rare compact-sized cold press juicer on the market. This slim-designed juice maker saves kitchen space and provides a convenient portable option with measurements of 5.98 x 10.91 x 14.57 inches.

The quality of juice yield is ensured by a gradual extraction powerful motor design with an 80 rpm speed, which leaves the dry pulp and reduces food waste. Its numerous parts are made of BPA-free Tritan polymers and aluminum.

Aqua, black, and graphite are the three colors to satisfy individual color preferences. The smaller feed funnel is the primary flaw in the design. It has a 1.4-inch-diameter feed tube. Unfortunately, the narrower feeding tube lengthens your juicing prep time.

Quality of Juice

The Dash cold press juicer drill spins at a slow pace of 80 rpm. As a result, there is less oxidation, heat buildup, and friction, resulting in better juice with less effort.

It does not ruin antioxidants, minerals, vitamins minerals, digestive enzymes, or other nutrients and is slower. These health-promoting ingredients also contribute to the preservation of juice quality. Fortunately, you can keep the juice in perfect condition for up to 72 hours (3 days).

Is It Simple To Wash?

You can remove some pieces of the Dash slow juicer. As a result, cleaning by hand is quite simple and painless. Furthermore, cleaning is even easier because it is safer to wash juicer extractors.

After you’ve finished juicing, make sure to wash every inch of the juicer’s filters; otherwise, the dry pulp could get stuck.

Is it simple to operate?

The Dash Cold press is of small size and compact design, so due to this, it has fewer removable parts, making it easy to construct, disassemble, and use.

The entire assembly process takes only a few minutes. It features a narrow feeding funnel, which reduces the time spent pre-cutting larger items. However, no preparation is required for smaller and longer juicing components.

If the juicer gets stuck midway through juicing, the reverse action can help unclog it. It allows you to keep juicing operations running smoothly.

An anti-drip end cap keeps your counter from spilling and allows you to prepare blended juice quickly.

I’m talking about filters. Rub it with a dry towel instead of rinsing the motor base under running water.

What Kinds Of Detachable Parts Do Along with the Dash Power Juicer?

  • The foundation of the motor
  • Pusher of food
  • Attachment for sorbet
  • Brush for cleaning
  • A measuring cup for pulp
  • Recipe guide and user manual

Technical Information

  • Model: DCSJ255 
  • Personal and domestic use
  • Aqua, graphite, and black are the colors used.
  • Speed is 80 revolutions per minute
  • 130-Watt wattage
  • 120V voltage
  • Low noise level
  • External ejection of the pulp
  • Size of the chute: 1.4 inches
  • 14.57 x 10.91 x 5.98 inches in size
  • 4.64-pound weight
  • Yes, you can wash it in the dishwasher.
  • Yes, it is BPA-free.
  • 30 minutes maximum usage
  • The warranty is for two years. 
  • materials used are Metal and Tritan plastics


Should You Purchase A Dash Cold Press Deluxe Compact Juicer DCSJ255?

The Dash DCSJ255 Deluxe Tiny juicer is a good option if you like to travel and require a thin and light juicer for less than $100. Though it does not deliver a greater juice production volume, it provides high-quality juice with several useful qualities such as ease of use and cleaning, compact size, low price, adaptability, and top-notch design.

Is Dash Juicer a good investment?

The Cold Dash Compact Juicer is one of the greatest solutions out there if you’re looking for a compact and economically slow juicing machine.
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What kind of juice can Dash Produce?

You can juice any fruit or vegetable with the Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer. It can handle thick fruits and vegetables and citrus and leafy greens. Remember to cut these foods into reasonable parts to avoid jamming your machine.
Remove the seeds, beans, and peels for the best juicer performance and flavor.
Apple, pineapple, cucumber, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkins, watermelon, asparagus, bitter gourd, garlic, turmeric, pepper, pear, cauliflower, beets, cilantro, ginger, Yukon, fennel, broccoli, and celery are just a few examples of dense produce.
You can also use it on citrus fruits such as limes, tangerines, grapefruit, oranges, and lemons,
Finally, it’s ideal for juicing spring onion, peppermint, beet greens, basil, lettuce, dandelion greens, wheatgrass, collard greens, broccoli, moringa, parsley, cabbage, pine needles, spinach, and kale. 
This machine can produce non-dairy milk substitutes like almond milk, oat, or soy. To make it, you only need to follow a precise technique.

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