7 Easy & Simple DIY Vitamin C Mask With Precautions

Mists, Creams & Serums containing vitamin C have swept the cosmetic industry.

Vitamin C is highly nutritious and is beneficial to the skin. 

Vitamin C is considered to be the strongest treatment for frequent skin issues such as dark spots, symptoms of aging, skin browning, and acne scarring, and many others.

I. DIY Vitamin C Mask (For Acne Scars)

For this face mask you will need:

  • 1 tsp yogurt
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 tbsp orange powder
  • Pinch of turmeric (optional)
  • Rosewater


Mix allof them and apply on your face.

Let it dry and then rise with warm water.

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The mask will get too much dry so it is better to save your eyes when washing it as it will affect your balance and sensations. 

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||. DIY Vitamin C Clay Mask



  • Combine the aloe vera as well as L. ascorbic acid in a small bowl.
  • Let the powder completely dissolve after mixing. (It’s fine if something doesn’t mix.)
  • Combine the aloe vera and vitamin C with kaolin clay.
  • Mix with a spoon until you have a creamy texture.
  • Using a small layer, apply to the skin.
  • Allow the mask to tighten and dry before removing it. (This took me 5 minutes)
  • Wait about an hour before toning and applying a moisturizer.


Your skin may feel hot and seem red when you remove this mask. 

It is indeed a result of the clay. 

It has enhanced the circulation of the blood of your skin, allowing your cells to be oxygenated! 

My skin feels so baby soft after using this treatment. 

To put it another way, get prepared for glowing, healthy skin!

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III. DIY Vitamin C Powder


  • 2 or 3 dried organic orange slices (or peels)


  • Wash the oranges thoroughly before slicing them into 14-inch thick rounds, leaving the skin on. 
  • Then blow-dry, oven-dry, or just use a food dehydrator (my personal favorite). 
  • Temperatures and spray drying vary for each procedure. 
  • When you’re using an Excalibur food dehydration (as I did), dehydrate the orange peels at 125-135 degrees until they’re brittle (5 to 12 hours). 
  • You could also use just peels instead of full slices if you dry them.
  • Small pieces of dried orange slices & peels. This was accomplished with the use of a food processor.
  • Place the smaller pieces in a coffee grinder. 
  • The ideal option would be to have an electric grinder, but you may also use a manual grinder. 
  • Make sure the grinder is cleaned & adjusted to fine grind therefore no coffee residue goes into the mix.
  • Dried oranges should be crushed and sieved.

IV. How To Use Vitamin C Mask Powder On Face

Note: Help ensure you’re just using a topical vitamin C powder before applying this one to your face. 

Applying vitamin C that has been crushed and is supposed to be consumed as a supplement is unlikely to be beneficial.

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Here’s how you can apply powdered vitamin C to your face:

  • In the palm of your hand, place a small amount of powder. 

You’ll probably get explicit instructions on when to use the package.

On the palm of your hand, combine 

  • Mix vitamin C powder as well as a serum or moisturizer.
  • Vitamin C must make up approximately 8% of the solution for these to be helpful, according to research.

A dosage of more than 20% has the potential to irritate the skin.

  • Apply the solution all over your face or on specific areas.

Note: Testing a little amount of powder vitamin C on a small portion of your skin in a far less spot 24 hours before administering it to your entire face is a smart idea.

You’ll be able to tell unless you’re allergic to that this way.

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V. DIY Vitamin C Mask Serum With Coconut Oil


  • 2-3 drops Vitamin C Serum
  • 1/2 cup  coconut oil


  • Mix both and pour into your favorite bottle.

VI. Diy Vitamin C Mask Serum With Hyaluronic Acid

Even though it has been applied in cosmetics for years, hyaluronic acid is all the rage. It hydrates, but it isn’t an alternative for a lotion!


  • 1/2 Tbsp Vitamin C powder 
  • 1/2 tsp Hyaluronic Acid powder
  • 4 Tbsp distilled water (60ml)


Thoroughly mix Vitamin C in filtered water before adding Hyaluronic Acid — it will appear grainy!

The Hyaluronic will mix after an hour of freezing, thickening the serum slightly.

VII. Diy Vitamin C Mask Serum


  • 1 tsp vitamin C powder
  • 1 tsp filtered water


  • ¼ tsp Vitamin E oil
  • 1 TB aloe vera gel + 2 tsp.
  • Instructions
  • Add filtered water to vitamin c and mix well.
  • Add vitamin E and aloe Vera.
  • Fill a dark brown container partly with serum (a funnel helps). 
  • Refrigerate the serum for up to two weeks.
  • Based on the aloe and Vit C powder chosen to prepare this serum, your solution may have a different color and texture.

Why you need DIY Vitamin C Mask?

  • Orange peel powder helps in preventing your skin from harmful UV rays. 
  • Packed with citric acid, orange peel powder helps in lightening your skin tone. It works as a natural bleach for your skin. 
  • Orange peel powder helps in cleaning your skin pores by clearing all the impurities. 
  • This powder is known to treat skin problems like acne scars or face marks. It lightens dark spots and blemishes.
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