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Fermented Garlic Health Benefits

There are some of the health benefits of fermented garlic written below.

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1. Antibiotics

Fermented Garlic directly cuts off the bacteria whether it is gram-positive or gram-negative.

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2. Increase Immunity

Increase the lifetime and strength of the natural killer cells and also increase the numbers.

Garlic may help the body’s immune response, but additional research is required to confirm this. Garlic supplements were proven to lower colds by 63% in people during a 12-week trial.

High dosages (2.56 grammes per day) of aged garlic extract decreased ill days from cold or flu by 61%.

The evidence, according to a third study, is inadequate, and additional research is required.

3. Hypocholesterolemic

Fermented garlic may have some cholesterol-lowering effects, but it is not clear whether these effects are due to the fermentation process itself or to the presence of other compounds in garlic.

4. Hypotensive

Fermented Garlic has vasodilatory effects and also decreases inflammation.

5. Parasiticidal

Fermented Garlic prevents the growth of some worms because they can’t survive in the presence of garlic.

6. Expectorant

Fermented Garlic may be a natural treatment for asthma that reduces bronchial secretions. However, it is not supported by scientific evidence. There is no evidence that fermented garlic is effective in treating asthma or reducing bronchial secretions.

7. Help in Digestion

Fermented Garlic regulates the bile production that supports digestion.

In large quantities, the sulfur compounds in garlic have been proven to protect organs against heavy-metal poisoning.

The blood lead levels of workers at a car battery company who had been exposed to high amounts of lead during their employment were decreased by 19% by consuming garlic, according to four-week research. Toxic symptoms such as headaches and elevated blood pressure were also lessened by taking the supplementation.

Garlic was shown to be more effective than the medicine D-penicillamine in easing the symptoms of the workers.

Nutrition Information: Fermented Garlic

The nutritional content varies depending on how long the garlic is fermented. One tablespoon of raw garlic contains:

Calories: 35

Protein: 1 gram

 Fat 0 grams 

Carbohydrate: 8 grams

Fiber: 0.1 grams

Salt: 0 grams

Sugar: 0 grams

Also, garlic has some great benefits to treat heart diseases.

Potential Risks Of Fermented Garlic

Garlic can be used as an antibiotic, but should be avoided if you’re allergic to it. It can thin your blood, so avoid using it when you’re taking medication that thins your blood. You may want to take a garlic supplement instead.

Medication Side Effects

If you consume a big quantity of garlic, you may be increasing your chance of a blood clot. Other blood-thinning medications, such as:

  • anticoagulants such as salicylate, 
  • warfarin, 
  • clopidogrel (also known as Plavix) 
  • Saquinavir, an anti-HIV medicine, may potentially be affected by garlic’s effects.

Allergy Risks

Garlic may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Some symptoms of garlic allergy include:

  • Hives.
  •  The tingling sensation of the lip, mouth, or tongue.
  •  Nasal congestion or runny nose.
  • discomfort in the lower abdomen
  • a runny or itchy eye
  • skin inflammation

Garlic is a common ingredient used in many foods. It is also used as medicine.

It causes allergic reactions in some people. People who eat too much garlic may experience the above symptoms and even death.

It is important to inform doctors about any allergies before taking this drug.

Here are some links for further research on the health benefits of fermented garlic:

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