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Grapefruit can be replaced with almost any citrus fruit. Oranges have somewhat more natural sugars than grapefruits, but they have significantly more fiber: 4.4 grams in one large orange vs. 0.9 grams in half of a large grapefruit.

Another grapefruit substitute is tangerines, which have sweeter flavors and higher fiber levels. Another grapefruit alternative is pomelos, which have a similar flavor to grapefruit but are slightly sweeter and have a mellower bite.

Ugli fruit, a citrus fruit native to Jamaica, is nearly as large as grapefruit but has a sweeter, tangerine-like flavor and might be used as a grapefruit alternative.


    There are many other substitutes for grapefruit, depending on what you need it for. For example, if you need grapefruit for its sweetness, you could try using another type of fruit altogether, such as pineapple or mango. And if you just need the grapefruit for its juice, then any other kind of citrus fruit would work as a substitute. So many options are available to choose from, depending on your specific needs.

    In this article, I’m going to tell you about the grapefruit substitute. The main two grapefruit substitutes are Oranges and Lemon.

    Let’s see grapefruit substitute for different purposes.

    I. Grapefruit Substitute Military Diet

    Put half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it to obtain the same Military Diet advantages as a grapefruit. Grapefruit should never be substituted for orange. Oranges will have the opposite effect that the Military Diet is aiming for weight loss.

    II. Grapefruit Substitute Cooking

    Grapefruit, huge citrus fruit with a sweet-tart flavor that can be utilized in a variety of wonderfully unexpected ways, is a sweet-tart treat that may be enjoyed beyond breakfast. 

    Use the segments in a green salad (it’s also good with sliced avocado), in a tropical salsa, a warm citrus compote, or to brighten a buttery fish sauce with a little juice and zest. Pomelos or tart oranges can be used as a substitute for grapefruit, but they don’t have the same zing.

    1. Grapefruit Substitute Cocktail

    Cocktails that include lemon and Campari might have a grapefruit flavor. To give it a bouncy pop, use grapefruit juice poured with lemon-lime soda. You can also use club soda and grapefruit juice as a substitute.

    2. Substitute Grapefruit For Lemon

    Lemon juice is an excellent substitute for grapefruit juice in cocktails since it is sour and bitter, and it will provide excellent effects.

     Lemon slices are not too good for salads since they’re too sour. However, in drinks, lemon juice is perfectly acceptable. If you’re concerned that the combination will be too sour, you may sweeten it somewhat with sugar syrup.

     Any citrus fruit should suffice. Keep in mind, though, that grapefruit is likely to contain far more juice than a lemon (the recipe calls for 1 lemon). I discovered that the average lemon holds roughly 3 tablespoons of juice after doing some research. As a result, I’d use 3 tablespoons of grapefruit juice and half a grapefruit’s grated zest.

    3. Substitute Grapefruit Juice For Orange Juice

    Using grapefruit Juice instead of orange juice is not a good idea in baked products however if you love the taste, have it. Take into consideration that grapefruits are quite bitter. 

    As a substitute, you might use half grapefruit juice and half water. Various citrusy liquids: A 1:1 substitution of lemon juice will suffice in most recipes.

    Four grapefruit-related fruits are included in this collection. The common belief is that oranges contain more natural sugars than grapefruits, and this might lead to weight gain.

    Even still, oranges have much more fiber than grapefruits. So, if you’re looking for a citrus fruit substitute for grapefruit, oranges are your best bet.

    You could also use grapefruit or orange juice in place of lime, based on the recipe. Take into account that they are sweeter than lime.

    4. Substitute Grapefruit For Orange Zest

    The rind is the best grapefruit juice substitute. You might easily substitute grapefruit juice for the rind. It works in the same way that the skin of the grapefruit does. 

    The more fruit you have, the better. 

    If you have a juicing appliance at home, you may easily separate its juices. If not, there are a variety of grapefruit juice products available at supermarkets. 

    To compensate for a teaspoon of orange zest, use only 12 teaspoons of grapefruit juice. It wouldn’t be bad to add some more grapefruit if you enjoy the flavor.

    5. Mango

    Mango is an excellent substitute for grapefruit because it has a similar sweetness and juiciness. It also has a vibrant orange color that can brighten up any dish. 

    When it comes to tropical fruits like mangoes, they may not have the same citrus flavor as grapefruit, but they will still provide a tropical flair to salads and drinks.

    In salads, fruit salads, and drinks, grapefruit may be swapped out for mango in the same proportions. The sweetness of mangoes may need a lime juice addition to your drinks since limes are known for their sourness.

    6. Peach

    Tropical fruits like peaches are also recognized for their sweet and distinctive flavor.

    Peaches are a great addition to salads and drinks because of their refreshing flavor. So, if you need to substitute grapefruit for peach, you may certainly do so. Peaches are sweeter than grapefruits, and you may add a squeeze of lime juice to make it sour.

    When it comes to a grapefruit alternative in the military diet, you now have several options to choose from. You may eat the fruits as they are, or you can juice them or combine them with yogurt to make a dessert.

    7. Berries

    If the sweet and bitter aftertaste of citrus fruits makes you nauseous, try a different fruit instead. Raspberries will provide you with an exciting new adventure.

    In terms of nutritional value, raspberries (or blackberries) have four times as much fiber as grapefruit. They give you more control over how much sugar and carbs you consume. In addition to strawberries, everyone who eats them will get a healthy dose of vitamin C from this tangy fruit.

    Salads, fruit salads, and drinks all benefit from the addition of peaches. Drinks made with peach nectar should be filled with seltzer or water instead of the whole quantity since it is thicker.

    8. Pomelo

    What’s in the pomelo diet? You’ll have a more muscular immune system and lower blood pressure if you eat potassium and antioxidants (like vitamin C).

    If you’d rather have pomelo than grapefruit for breakfast, that’s the best time to consume it since it will provide you energy to go through the rest of the day. Fruit salad, pomelo, and pomelo juice are some alternatives accessible to you.

    9. Pineapple

    The sweet and tangy flavors of pineapple are similar to those of grapefruit, another tropical fruit.

    Salads and fruit salads should not be harmed by the texture difference. Both salads may benefit from the same quantity of pineapple.

    Cocktails may be made using grapefruit juice instead of pineapple juice and a squeeze of lime or lemon if desired. Pineapple juice may be used as an alternative to grapefruit juice since it has a similar viscosity.

    10. Tomatoes, Watermelon

    The darker the fruit, the sweeter it tastes—a general guideline for most fruits. For lycopene, if you’re sick and tired of grapefruits or don’t know how to take the lemon taste out of grapefruit, try watermelon and tomatoes.

    When mixed with fat, lycopene-rich foods, say researchers at the American Institute for Cancer Research, may provide a significant amount of antioxidant protection. Even if you’re not going to eat or drink them, tomatoes taste better after they’ve been sautéed.

    11. Tropical Fruit Juice

    Another fantastic grapefruit juice substitute.

    Tropical fruit juice may sound like grapefruit juice and have a pleasant tropical taste.

    Tropical fruit juice is delicious and sold at most stores. Add lime juice for a tangy taste.

    12. Canned Grapefruit

    If you can’t get fresh grapefruit, use canned. Supermarkets generally carry it. Why? Canned grapefruit lasts a long time in the pantry.

    You may get grapefruit canned in fruit juice or sugar syrup, depending on your preference. It’s great in sweet and savory salads.

    What Should You Keep in Mind When Making the Switch to Grapefruit?

    Trying to lose weight might be a problem, particularly if you haven’t mastered the notes of the song. Keep these guidelines in mind.

    When taking medicine, it’s better to avoid eating tangelos, pomelo, or ugli fruit instead of grapefruit. In addition to lowering the effects of medications, they also raise your chance of developing liver and renal disease.

    The military diet prohibits the use of oranges as a substitute for grapefruit because of the risk of backfire.

    On the Military Diet, Why Is Baking Soda Used To Substitute Grapefruit?

    The pH levels of the body are affected by both baking soda and grapefruit. In an acidic environment, fat thrives. As a result, alkaline-producing foods will assist in maintaining the pH equilibrium of the body. Alkalinity is increased by grapefruit and baking soda, which aids fat burning. Thus, adding a half teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and drinking it results in weight loss.


    What can I substitute for grapefruit juice in a recipe?

    If you added extra sugar, grapefruit might be used instead of oranges. Grapefruit’s bitterness, on the other hand, makes it inappropriate. Grapefruit includes Naringin, the bitter chemical that gives it its flavor.

    What fruits are related to grapefruit?

    Grapefruit is a pomelo backcross, a crossover between a pomelo and a sweet orange, which is a pomelo mandarin crossover. Citrus fruits that are related to each other include Pomelo mandarin hybrid: typical delicious orange A different pomelo-mandarin hybrid is bitter orange.

    What can I substitute for hot dogs on the Military diet?

    On a military diet, 2 hot dogs (no bun) substitutions are bratwurst, turkey, tofu, soy, luncheon meat, deli meat, or, lentils, baloney Beans, Portobello mushrooms, or plain tofu can be substituted by vegetarians and vegans. They can help you with weight loss.

    What can I substitute for grapefruit in a diet?

    Grapefruit can be substituted with any citrus fruit. Tangelos, oranges, and tangerines are the best grapefruit alternatives.

    What is similar to pink grapefruit?

    Pink grapefruit is comparable to ruby red grapefruit. The nutritional advantages of Ruby Red Grapefruit and Pink or Blush-Pink Grapefruit are the same. Because of their numerous health benefits, these lovely citrus fruits are among the top 20 foods to consume for breakfast. The lack of bitterness in these two makes them stand out against the white grapefruit.






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