How Much Is Blondies Cookies Worth

Blondie’s Cookies was started by Brenda “Blondie” Coffman in Greentown, Indiana. She produces as well as sells over 25 kinds of cookies at her stores for retail. When she announced her company during Shark Tank in April 2012 she had 12 locations across Indiana in addition to Florida. Blondie’s Cookies became an Indiana company in the year 1985. In September of 1985, the company’s first shop opened its doors in Kokomo.

What is Blondie’s Cookies?

Blondie cookies is a cookie brand that was established in Indiana that is a specialist in gourmet cookies, cookies cake, brownie bars and cake.

Blondies are regarded as to be the exact opposite of brownies, mostly because they are vanilla-based while the latter are chocolate-based. Although vanilla isn’t the “opposite” of chocolate, the two most well-known flavors have been considered to be rivals. If, for instance, you do not like chocolate, you’d prefer vanilla. If you’re not a big fan of vanilla, then you should go with chocolate.

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The Story Behind Blondie’s Cookies

Brenda presented her company to the Shark Tank in April 2012 She had 12 locations throughout Indiana along with Florida. Brenda went to Shark Tank hoping to secure the investment amount of $200 000 in exchange for equity of 3 percent.

During the presentation, Coffman revealed her sales were $2.3 million. However, she recently experienced an even year as Coffman opened four shops in Florida simultaneously at the at the same time (and she was losing cash). She was in debt to the bank for $800,000. Even though the Sharks appreciate her product, the branding, and her, they never would have offered Coffman an offer.

Blondies Cookies Net Worth

Coffman sought $200k for a 3% stake that valued the cookie company at over $6.6 million.

Did Blondies Cookies Get A Deal On Shark Tank

Despite the years of experience of Coffman with the success of his Indiana store locations and tasty cookies The Sharks weren’t keen on negotiating a deal in partnership with the Blondie’s Cookie. This was in large part due with the reality that the Blondie’s Cookies Florida locations were losing cash.

Coffman recognizes that her company could be significantly more profitable than it currently is, however, she isn’t equipped with the expertise and connections that necessary to make it an international business. This is the reason she decided to take her cookie on the Shark Tank to see if they could provide her with the support she needs. It’s an arduous distance but Coffman has a goal to have at minimum some of the Sharks interested in her tasty business.

What number of Blondies Cookies are There?

We currently have more than twenty kinds of cookies and three brownie varieties and our latest product, Chewies. Blondie’s brownies and cookies are freshly baked every day.

During Shark Tank

Coffman is on her appearance on the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $200k, in exchange for only 3% share in Blondie’s Cookies. After presenting them with her offer, Coffman explains how she began baking when she was just 15 and soon realized she was naturally gifted for baking.

From then on, she would always bake and making use of her abilities to earn a living during her time at college. The side hustle later turned into her full-time job and it was at this point that Blondie’s Cookies came to life. After she tells Sharks that she owns 12 retail outlets and she makes her way around with a tray full of cookies for them to taste.

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Are Blondies Cookies Still In Business

I have never been to Blondie’s because they shut down all of their Florida stores. In July 2022, all seven original Indiana stores remain open and you can purchase on the internet. They also bought a new manufacturing facility in Indiana to increase the amount of cookies they can make. Revenues for the year range from $9 to $10 million.


Despite the years of experience of Coffman with and the fact that he was able to run successful Indiana locations, as well as tasty cookies however, the Sharks did not seem keen on negotiating a deal in partnership with the Blondie’s Cookie. It was due to the fact that the Blondie’s Cookies Florida locations were losing cash. The Florida location is now closed however Blondie’s Cookies has been thriving in Indiana which is where the long-running cookie business has earned a reputable image .

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