How To Cook Dry Scallops

Dried scallop extract from the adductor muscles of the scallops.

Dried scallops have a sharp smell or taste, solid and intense flavor of the sea.

The common ingredient of Cantonese cuisine is dried scallop, also in XO sauce.

Use Of Dried Scallop

The dried scallop is commonly used in congees, sauces, and soups to fill an aromatic flavor without adding any other spice or meat to the dish.

Cooking Of Dried Scallops

For cooking dry scallops, you must follow the steps.

  1. Dry, Seasonal, and Prepare Scallops

First, make sure that the scallops bought are dried and not wet because wet scallops have some extra chemicals.

Dry scallops have some extra wetness in them when bought so dry the scallops further to cook them well.

  1. Burn The Scallops

Pick a stick or non-stick frying pan to cook the scallops. But those who are beginners and try to cook scallops don’t use a stainless steel frying pan because it may damage the scallops.

Before putting the scallops in the frying pan, add a bit of olive oil and cook the scallops at medium-high heat until the scallops are golden brown.

  1. Add The Butter For Aroma

Turn the scallops carefully and add some pieces of butter with an aroma.

Use some chili pepper, stems of the fresh herb, or a slice of citrus for aroma.

The interesting fact is that by adding different ingredients, the taste will be more delicious.

  1. Serving the Scallops

Put the scallops from the pan onto the serving plate. 

Sprinkle some liquid butter or use lemon juice, White wine, chicken, or the flavor you like the most.

Slightly heat the sauce and pour the sauce onto the scallops.

Add some more butter to finish the cooking and herbs also, like basil cilantro.

Pour the sauce onto the scallops on the plate and the buttery scallops dish is ready to eat.  

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