How To Make Fondant Flowers By Hand

A fondant rose is made by cutting a small portion of fondant and using a rolling pin to roll out a thin layer. Then, use an easy rose cutter or a knife to cut out two pieces of fondant. Dip the ball tool into starch and press it onto the petal part to thicken the edges.

Repeat this step until all petals are thickened. Brush some water over the folded fondant along the line. Roll the fondant from right to left to make the shape of a rose bud. Fix with some starch so the petals stay split.

Fold the other piece the same way, brush water along the bottom line, and wrap it around the flower. Apply a little pressure when wrapping to make the two parts stick together. Place the finished rose on a plate.

Fondant carnation flowers are made by rolling out fondant and cutting out shapes using a rose cutter. Then dip a toothpick in starch and use it to press and thicken the edges of the petals, making them ruffled up. Brush a line of liquid through the center of one fondant piece and fold it in half, and then roll it into the form of a flower bud. Wrap the other piece around the bud and press to stick the two pieces together. Use some starch to separate the petals, and tear off a few petal tips if needed.

Fondant English Rose

Fondant English roses are made by rolling out a slightly darker dough than the rest of the cake. Small rose cutters are used to cut out four pieces. Medium sized rose cutters are used for cutting the pieces into halves.

A ball tool is used to press out the petals. Water is brushed onto the smaller pieces before being stuck together. Two halves of the larger pieces are glued together, and the remaining halves are wrapped around the first piece.

Another piece of fondant is rolled out of a lighter shade, cut into two pieces with a large rose cutter, and thinned out with a ball tool.

Two halves are glued together, and then wrapped around the previous piece.

Roses And Their Colours

A rose is made by wrapping a number of petals around a center. This is done in layers, with each new layer being placed over the previous one. Each layer should be smaller than the last.

Roses are beautiful flowers that symbolize love and romance. The shape of a rose represents purity and innocence. A red rose stands for passion and love. A pink rose represents friendship and loyalty. A white rose stands for purity and innocence.

A yellow rose stands for happiness and joy. A purple rose stands for royalty and nobility. A blue rose stands for truth and honesty. A green rose stands for nature and growth. A black rose stands for mourning and death.

How To Make Fondant Flowers

You can eat your cake and decorate them too! Fondant is a thick icing that looks great when used as decoration. Use fondant to make flowers, butterflies, birds, and more. Try making some cute cakes without any baking skills.


You can shape fondant flowers using a rolling pin. To avoid sticking, dust the rolling pin and work surface with cornstarch first. Use a thin layer of shorting to prevent the fondant from adhering to the rolling pin.

Change the color of your fondants by squeezing a few drops of gel color onto the fondant. Massage the fondant until the color spreads evenly.

Cut out 5 circles in different shapes. Use fondant cutters or cookies to form your circles from flattened fondant.

Start by making a large circle, which will be your base. Make a slightly smaller circle for the next piece, then continue decreasing the size until you reach the smallest piece. Adjust the size of the circles as needed for a full flower.

For fuller flowers, cut out even more circles. If you don’t have fondant cutters or other circular objects, you can use any object that has a circular shape. Press it into the flattened fondant and cut around the edge with a knife.

Ruffles are created by rolling a toothpick around the edge of each circle. Press the length of the toothpicks lightly into the fondant, then rock it back and forth to cause the fondant to curl.

Be careful not to press too heavily as you don’t want to cut through the fondant. Just make an indentation.

Some bakers choose to use a foam shaping mat during the process. It helps to protect the fondant from getting stuck to the counter.

A fondant-forming cup should be used when making fondant flowers. You can use a ramekin or an empty egg carton as well. Sprinkle some cornstarch on its inside before using.

Brush water onto the circle with the brush. The water will act as glue to hold the flower into place. Don’t soak the fondant through or use too much water. Don’t use a paintbrush that’s been used for paint or anything else toxic. Buy a new one that hasn’t been contaminated.

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