How To Stop Garlic Paste From Turning Green?

To retain the natural color of garlic paste, minimize contact with acidic elements such as lemon or vinegar, as they can cause a green color. Furthermore, store the paste in an airtight container in the refrigerator for color preservation.

Is it safe to utilize garlic paste that has taken on a green color?
Garlic paste remains safe for consumption even if it turns greenish or bluish color. It can be used in cooking after mixing oil.

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Preventative Steps to Keep Garlic Paste Green-Free

1. Blanching the Garlic: Start by blanching the garlic cloves before making the paste. Blanching involves boiling the garlic for a short time and then quickly cooling it in an ice bath. This process can help inactivating the enzymes that cause the color change.

2. Avoid Acidic Ingredients: Try to limit or omit acidic ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar from your garlic paste. If you want a tangy flavor, you can add these ingredients right before using the paste rather than during the preparation.

3. Store Properly: Store your garlic paste in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Exposure to air can accelerate the color change process.

4. Use Fresh Garlic: Opt for fresh, high-quality garlic bulbs. Older garlic is more likely to undergo enzymatic reactions leading to color changes.

5. Add Salt: Adding salt to the garlic paste not only enhances the flavor but can also help slow down the enzymatic reactions that cause discoloration.

6. Use Oil: Incorporating oil into the paste can act as a protective barrier and may help in preventing the color change.

How to make and store garlic paste at home? Simply peel the garlic cloves, and you’ll notice the skin comes off easily. Trim the edges of the cloves and add them all to a blender. Keep cloves in the oven for 5 seconds if they don’t peel off easily. Blend until a paste forms. Store the garlic paste in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Scientific Insights

Research has shown that the sulfur compounds in garlic, like allicin, can react with acidic compounds, resulting in green pigments due to a chemical reaction. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry highlights that blanching garlic can indeed be effective in reducing the enzymatic activity responsible for the color change.


By following these steps and understanding the science behind garlic’s color change, you can enjoy your homemade garlic paste without worrying about it turning green. Stay health-conscious, and keep enjoying those tasty, aromatic dishes with beautifully vibrant garlic paste! 😊

Reasons why garlic paste turns green?

There are several reasons of ginger paste turning green. Here is the detail of all the main reasons:

Unveiling the Natural Enzymatic Process: Alliinase and Allicin
Within garlic lies alliin, a compound, and alliinase, an enzyme. When garlic undergoes crushing or chopping, these two elements converge, giving birth to allicin which turns green. It is safe to eat a green garlic paste.

The pH Factor: Acidic or Alkaline Environments
When garlic comes into contact with an acidic or alkaline setting, like lemon juice or baking soda, a chemical reaction is set in motion. This reaction transforms the sulfur compounds within garlic, resulting in a greenish tint. The degree of acidity or alkalinity influences the depth of this color alteration.

The Influence of Temperature: Cold Storage
The enigma of green garlic can also be influenced by temperature, particularly in cold storage. Placing garlic in the fridge or colder environments may incite this green transformation. Low temperatures can trigger the creation of green pigments, especially when garlic is exposed to light. Therefore, if you stumble upon green-tinged garlic in the refrigerator, the explanation might lie here!

The Role of Metals in Cookware: Copper or Aluminum
Surprisingly, the choice of cookware plays a part in this color mystery. When preparing garlic paste in copper or aluminum cookware, the paste can manifest a green hue. This unexpected transformation is brought about by the reaction between these metals and the sulfur compounds present in garlic.

How long is fresh garlic paste viable in the refrigerator?
Place the garlic paste in an airtight container in the fridge, lasting up to 5 days. Alternatively, freeze it in the form of 1 teaspoon cubes using a small silicone tray, allowing it to stay usable for up to six months.

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How To Stop Garlic Paste From Turning Green When Pickling?

Sometimes, the preservatives that are used to preserve the garlic pickle damage the cell membranes of garlic cloves. It causes amino acid and sulfur compounds to mix. 

So if you want to avoid the color change of garlic, follow these steps to save the garlic when pickling.

  • Distilled water should be used because distilled water doesn’t have the traces of metals as tap water has. have
  • Use common salt instead of iodine because it has some acidic properties.
  • Use non-stick utensils or cookware to avoid metals like copper, cast iron, and tin.
  • Wash out the garlic gently for 10 seconds or more; it helps in preventing coloration and affects taste.
  • Keeping the garlic pickled far from the sunlight can prevent chlorophyll formation.

Does garlic paste spoil?
If the paste develops an off smell, altered flavor, or an unusual appearance, it should be discarded to maintain quality. In case of mold growth, it’s advisable to discard the entire product.

Is garlic paste worth it? Garlic paste is more concentrated than fresh garlic, so a little goes a long way in terms of flavor. However, it doesn’t have the same vibrant taste as fresh cloves. Also, it usually contains salt and oil, which might not be ideal for everyone. Personally, I prefer adding those to my cooking.

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