Is Celery And Beetroot Juice Good For You?

Yes, celery and beetroot juice is good for you. It is a nutrient-rich drink that has been linked to a number of health benefits.

Nutrients in Beetroot and Celery Juice


Folate is a great source of folate and can be used to improve your health. Folate helps with neural tube deterioration. 

Drinking Beetroot Juice Before Bed


Its minerals are an electrolyte and help muscles function. Having beetroot before a workout and using it in varying doses is helpful. 

Nitric oxide

Beet juice is packed with many nitric oxides, reducing blood vessels tension. This beneficial edible can be helpful for people who suffer from a heart condition or angina.


Your urine and stool can become yellow or red if you eat beetroot. It’s harmless! It’s a shock unless the expectations are met.

 Do not drink beet juice for kidney stones. Beets contain many oxalates, which are natural substances crystallized by urine. This can be a stone hazard. 

What are a few ways to juice for optimum health? Please! Check juicer instructions for optimal use before starting because some juicers have different functioning systems.

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