Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000: Easy Comparison

The Kuvings C7000 is an improved version of the B6000, with redesigned internal parts for improved yield and ease of cleaning.

What is the difference between Kuvings B6000 and C7000? The B6000 is the first Whole Slow Juicer design. The C7000 retains the classic shape and functionality of the B6000, but the internal parts are redesigned for improved yield and ease of cleaning. It also includes the hopper and pulp strainer accessories for easier juicing.

Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000

First things first, both of these juicers are champs at taking it slow. They spin at a leisurely 80 RPM, so they treat your fruits and veggies with TLC, squeezing out every bit of juice without trashing those valuable nutrients. And the result? You get a smooth, pulp-free juice that’s like a party in your mouth.

Which is better, Kuvings juicer B1700 or C7000? There are some good improvements in C7000, such as the auger, juicing bowl, juicing lid, juice strainer, and the rotation wiper compared to B1700. Due to these enhancements in C7000, it juices faster and yields more juice with quite dry and less pulps. Its cleaning is much easier and faster, taking approximately 4-5 minutes.

Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000: Easy Comparison

But, hold on, there are some key differences that might sway you one way or the other:

What is the difference between Kuvings C7000 and EVO820? The EVO820 has the newest parts and motor design. It also comes with a smoothie strainer and sorbet maker, whereas the B6000 and C7000 only come with a sorbet maker. Our newest and most advanced juicer is the REVO830.

  1. Internal Guts: The C7000 has a little makeover inside, which means it’s better at giving you more juice and is a breeze to clean. The B6000 sticks to the original design.
  2. Accessories: The C7000 brings some cool extras to the table, like a hopper and pulp strainer. The hopper helps when you want to juice a whole bunch of stuff at once, and the pulp strainer? Well, that’s your ticket to making nut milks and sorbets. Sadly, the B6000 doesn’t come with these fun add-ons.
  3. Noise Level: If you’re not into a noisy kitchen, the C7000 is a bit more hush-hush compared to the B6000.

Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000: Easy Comparison Table

Is Kuvings a good brand? In our 2023 rankings, the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer ties at No. 1 for Best Cold Press Juicers and No. 7 for Best Juicers of 2023 with the Omega Ultimate Juicer and Nutrition System. The Kuvings EVO820 is a masticating juicer that uses an auger to grind down tough produce.

Now, let’s sum it up nicely:

Here is a table summarizing the key differences between the two juicers:

FeatureKuvings C7000Kuvings B6000
Internal partsRedesigned for improved juice yield and ease of cleaningOriginal design
AccessoriesIncludes hopper and pulp strainerDoes not include hopper or pulp strainer
Noise levelSlightly quieterSlightly louder
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon
Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000

Kuvings C7000

Kuvings C7000 is like the rockstar of the juicing world. It’s got all the good stuff – better juice yield, easy cleaning, and those awesome extras. If you’re ready to splurge a bit, this is your juicer.


  1. Efficient juice extraction.
  2. Quiet operation.
  3. Easy to clean.
  4. Handles whole fruits and vegetables.
  5. Some users have had the product for several years without issues.


  1. Motor problems, with some users reporting a burning smell.
  2. Minor leaking at the base.
  3. Difficulty expelling pulp through a small hole.
  4. Initial assembly and cleaning can be challenging.
  5. Price is relatively high.
  6. Reliability issues, with reports of the product stopping working after a short period.

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What is the difference between Kuvings B6000 and B8200? It offers the same great juicing performance as the B6000 but combines this with an improved 82mm wide feed design with a useful flip-top lid for fast and easy juicing.

Kuvings B6000

Kuvings B6000, on the other hand, is more budget-friendly. It’s no slouch, but it doesn’t have the bells and whistles the C7000 has.


  1. Handles various vegetables easily.
  2. No pulp in the juice.
  3. Doesn’t jam or clog.
  4. Quiet operation.
  5. Chute allows larger pieces.


  1. Some issues with specific items like oranges, celery, and pineapples.
  2. Not suitable for whole apples.
  3. Assembly and cleaning can be time-consuming.
  4. Difficulty in disassembling.
  5. Requires cutting fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces.
  6. Feeder design could be improved.
  7. Pricey for some users.

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Final Words: Kuvings C7000 Vs B6000

So, which one should you pick? Well, it all comes down to what floats your juicing boat. If you want the ultimate juicing experience, go for the C7000. But if you’re watching your wallet, the B6000 is still a solid choice. It’s all about your needs and what your wallet can handle. Happy juicing! 🍏🍇🍊🥦🥕🍹

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