Lemon Juice Freezing Point

Lemons have a freezing point of 28 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly below freezing. Unfortunately, most freezers can be set so that the temperature drops low enough to freeze lemon juice. It should be possible in any freezer.

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Why does cranberry juice freeze first, followed by lemon juice?

Lemon juice has a lower freezing point than cranberry juice because the acids in lemon juice are substantially more active than those in cranberry juice.

My lemon juice ice cubes aren’t freezing.

We were given considerably more lemons than we could consume before they spoiled. We want to preserve the juice from a few for later usage when we don’t have access to lemons.

However, the last time we attempted freezing lemon juice, the liquid never entirely froze; the outside of the cube was slightly slippery, and the cubes eventually flowed into gelatinous lemon-flavored messes of glop over a few weeks.

Because the other goods in our freezer are so solid that they would injure someone if placed on their barefoot (NOT THAT I’VE DONE THIS), I believe our freezer is cold enough. But I may be mistaken!

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When it comes to orange juice, what is the freezing point?

Orange juice has a freezing point of -1.7 C. The freezing point of apple juice and mango juice is the same.

Is it true that freezing lemon juice destroys the vitamin C content?


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When it comes to juice, what is the freezing point?

Because water is the most common liquid in juices, the freezing point is usually about 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is Orange Juice’s freezing point?

0.4 degrees Celsius

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