How to Lift Brows to Tone the Face?

Although it’s usual for the face to undergo changes as we grow older yet there is a great possibility to delay the process.

This challenge can be tackled by taking some facial exercises that tone up your face – exercises intended especially to support the muscles surrounding the eyes that can aid the hanging eyebrows to be upraised. The price is just a few minutes per day, in the early mornings and, perhaps, in the evenings.

Number One

Shut your eyes tightly. Raise your eyebrows as much as you can. Keep for a few seconds and ensure your eyes remain shut. Recap this up to fifteen times. For the best result, repeat the exercise 3 times daily.

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Number Two

Shut your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax. Eyes still shut; bend your head down – to your limit, until you feel a mild tug. Remain in that position for up to ten seconds. Eyes still tightly shut. Raise your face until you feel a mild strain. Hold it for ten seconds. Recap the entire exercise seven more times.

Number Three

Get your face into a frown (squeezed, scowling) and hold. Move the eyebrows lower near your eyes. Now, widely open your eyes, lifting your brows to your limit. Recap practice 7 times.

Number Four

Put the index and middle fingers of both hands just under each eyebrow (slightly relaxing the palms level on your face). Let your fingers push upward and sideways your brows (eyes wide open) up to ten seconds. For another ten seconds, let the muscles above your eyes press your brows downwards against your fingers. Recap this 10 times daily.

Why lift your eyebrows?

Cosmetic Need

Many people do not know that they look younger when they lift their eyebrows. Being one of the most preferred cosmetic solutions to look young, you need to lift your eyebrows naturally.


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If you need to add style to your face then lifting eyebrows is good to go. If the way of lifting eyebrows is natural then it is even more effective and workable without any side effects.

P.S: If you really bother about what aging and its significance mean to you and how it affects your facial appearance, this exercise is for you. It’s meant to keep your face as supple as possible for the retention of a long-lasting youth.

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