Oranges Are Green: 6 Reasons & What To Do?

Oranges are not naturally green. They turn green when they are not ripe. There are a few reasons why an orange might be green, including: it was picked too early, it was not stored properly, or it is a type of orange that is naturally green.

Why are my oranges green? If you stumble upon an orange that’s green-tinged, this doesn’t mean it’s not ripe. Instead, when the weather warms up again in late spring and early summer, the citrus tends to regreen to shield itself from sunburn.

“Hey there! Let’s dive into why oranges sometimes go green and what to do about it.

Why aren’t my oranges turning orange? Oddities and Temperatures If the weather is unusually warm or cold, the oranges may not ripen on schedule. Citrus needs a certain number of hours of the right temperatures for fruit to fully ripen, so if the summer or winter lasts too long, ripening may be delayed.

Oranges Are Green: 6 Reasons

Oranges? Oh yeah, they’re mega popular all over the globe. Tasty, good for you, and you can use ’em in tons of ways. But here’s the thing: sometimes they go green. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Not Quite Ready

When oranges aren’t ready to party yet, they’re green. They start off all green and slowly turn that vibrant orange color as they hang out on the tree.

Are green satsumas okay to eat? No need to wait for these green-skinned satsumas to turn orange; they’re ripe and ready to eat.

2. Green Stuff: Chlorophyll

Plants have this green stuff called chlorophyll. When oranges aren’t quite ripe, they’ve got loads of it, which makes ’em look green.

3. Chillin’ Out

Cold weather can make oranges turn green. It’s like the chill slows down their ripening and stops that chlorophyll from changing.

Why are immature oranges green? Unripe fruits are green because of chlorophyll in their cells. As they ripen, the chlorophyll breaks down and is replaced by orange carotenoids and red anthocyanins. These compounds are antioxidants that prevent the fruit from spoiling too quickly in the air.

4. Naturally Green

Some oranges, like the Valencias, stay green even when they’re good to go.

5. Sick Oranges

Sometimes, a green orange can signal trouble, like citrus greening, a bacterial thing that turns oranges green.

How do you fix citrus greening? There is no remedy for this disease, and all commercial varieties of citrus are susceptible to HLB. In citrus-producing areas with little or no HLB incidence, early detection and removal of infected trees are crucial to prevent the spread of the disease.

6. Mutation

Any unspecified change can make your oranges green.

Dealing with Green Oranges

So, you’ve got a green orange—here’s what you can do:

Let it do its thing

Leave it be at room temperature for a bit—it should go orange as it gets ripe.

Cook it or juice it

Green or not, they’re safe to eat and won’t mess with the flavor. Use ’em for cooking or juicing.

Bin it

If it’s got some nasty disease, best to get rid of it. No risking eating a sick orange.

Were oranges originally green? Origin of oranges This fruit originated in a region encompassing southern China, northeast India, and Myanmar, and the earliest mention of the sweet orange was in Chinese literature in 314 BC. These oranges, grown in tropical regions, were actually green.

Keeping Oranges Nice and Orange

Wanna keep those oranges looking top-notch? Here are some tricks:

Pick the ripe ones

Grab oranges that feel firm and look deeply orange.

Store ’em right

Keep oranges in a cool, dark spot—no need to stuff ’em in the fridge.

Keep ’em warm

If it’s getting frosty, cover ’em up or bring ’em inside to keep ’em cozy.

Is green on oranges okay? The Cali grower goes on to explain the green is not because the orange isn’t ripe, but rather, a result of chlorophyll that is naturally made by the orange to guard against excessive sun. Surprisingly, the green peel doesn’t harm the orange and may actually make its fruit even sweeter, if that is possible.

Extra Tips: Oranges Are Green

If you’re unsure, ask a produce expert for some guidance.

Can you pick oranges when they are green? It’s best to allow the citrus to ripen and get sweet on the tree since they will not sweeten any more once harvested. Some citrus fruit (satsumas, notably) are ripe when there’s still a green blush on the skin. But waiting for the full color to develop ensures proper ripeness.

For more juicy info about oranges, check out the USDA website. Happy orange munching!”

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