What can I do about my grapefruit peels?

Ever wondered what to do with those vibrant grapefruit peels after enjoying the juicy, tangy flesh inside? It turns out, there’s more to these zesty rinds than just being discarded. Let’s embark on a citrus-scented adventure and explore the potential wonders hiding within these seemingly grapefruit ordinary peels.

Five Uses For Your Citrus Peels

  • Make candied peels. These can be eaten on their own, or used as garnishes on cakes and parfaits.
  • Dry the peels and keep them for your tea. Dryed peels are a great addition to your regular cup of black tea.
  • Add to Meat Dishes.
  • Infuse liquor.
  • Mix it with Fireplace Kindling.

Ah, the grapefruit, that citrusy delight of breakfast tables and the bane of morning sleepyheads trying to master the art of peeling! We’re diving into the land of grapefruit peels, that seemingly insignificant 3% of the fruit that often gets discarded. But fear not, dear citrus enthusiast, for we have some important uses for those neglected grapefruit peels that will have you rethinking your peeling game.

1. Zesty In Food
Who needs a boring old plain orange zest when you can jazz up your culinary creations with grapefruit zest? Grate the outer part of the peel, avoiding the bitter white pith, and sprinkle it on desserts, salads, or even your morning oatmeal. Your taste buds will be doing the tango!

2. Air Freshener
Want your home to smell like a fancy spa? Dry those grapefruit peels and use them to make a citrusy potpourri. Toss them in a bowl, add a few cloves, and let the natural aroma waft through your abode. Bonus: it’s the perfect excuse to invite friends over to “gush” about your newfound zest for DIY!

3. Cleaning Power
Make your cleaning routine more exciting by using grapefruit peels to create an all-purpose cleaner. Combine them with white vinegar and let the magic happen. Your surfaces will be so sparkly, they’ll practically blind any dust bunnies in their path!

4. Mouthwash
Cut out a big, goofy grin from a grapefruit peel and wear it like a quirky mouthguard. Parade around the house, spreading fruity laughter and good vibes. It’s a peel-y good time!

5. Clean Kitchen for Oils and splashes on cuttlery
Fashion grapefruit peels into a makeshift shield to defend against minor kitchen catastrophes, like rogue spoon flings and oil splatters. Bonus points for style and creativity!

6. Make Tea

Boil with lemon peel and enjoy the tea.

Remember, dear grapefruit aficionado, there’s more to a grapefruit than meets the eye—especially when you give those peels the attention they deserve. So, go forth and zest, smell, clean, smile, and protect with the power of grapefruit peels!

Medically reviewed and edited by:

Adila Zakir (USA Federal Drug Authority Certified & Food Safety & Hygiene Certified)

Studied medical and medical-related business at the same time
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Adila Zakir

Adila Zakir (USA Federal Drug Authority Certified) Studied medical and medical-related business at the same time Overcame search lethargy Worked for medical search and business marketing consultation Expert in medical writing and has special interest in immunity boosting foods.

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