Why Is My Grapefruit White? 3 Reasons

Grapefruits are of many types. Some are red, some are white in color.

High quantities of beta-carotene and lycopene in both grapefruits give them their color.

The rind of the White grapefruit is white and off in hue, hence the name. 

The inside of the white grapefruit is segmented and thick.

The flesh of the fruit varies in color from yellow to red.

Wondering Why Your Grapefruit is White?

Understanding the Common Reasons

First things first, let’s explore why your grapefruit might not be as colorful as you’d like.

1. Ripeness Matters

Give it a Little More Time

The most common reason for a white grapefruit is simply that it’s not ripe yet. Grapefruits start out white and gradually transition to yellow or orange as they ripen. So, if it’s still white, it’s telling you it needs more time to mature.

2. Sunlight Overdose?

Time for Some Shade

Could too much sunshine be the culprit? Find out how excessive exposure to sunlight can affect your grapefruit’s color and how to fix it.

3. The Virus Factor

When Grapefruits Get Sick

Learn about the possibility of a virus, such as the citrus tristeza virus, causing your grapefruit to turn white. Discover what to do if you suspect a virus infection.

Tips for Ripe and Juicy Grapefruits

Helping Your Grapefruit Along

If you’re eager to get that grapefruit looking its best, here are some practical tips to encourage the ripening process.

1. Sunshine & Warmth

Give Your Fruit a Sunny Hug

Find out how to provide the right environment for your grapefruit to mature, complete with warmth and sunlight.

2. Proper Hydration

Don’t Let It Thirst or Drown

Learn the balance of keeping your grapefruit adequately watered without overdoing it to avoid rotting.

3. Patience, Please

Waiting for Deliciousness

Understand that grapefruits like to take their time, and patience is key as it can take a few weeks to reach peak ripeness.

Still Confused? Consult an Expert

Reach Out to the Plant Doctor

If you’re still uncertain about your grapefruit’s condition, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a knowledgeable plant expert. They can diagnose the issue and offer the right guidance for your fruit’s well-being.

This is due to hybrids seen on commercial trees being selected to produce red meat.

White Grapefruit                         Per (half) Serving
Energy                                            41 kcal
Fat                                                  0.1g
Carbohydrate                                  8.2g
Fiber                                               1.6g
Protein                                            1.0g

Qualities Of White Grapefruit

The citrus paradise, often known as the grand grapefruit, is indeed a natural hybrid between a pomelo as well as a bitter orange.

Naringin is indeed a bitter flavor component found in fresh grapefruit. 

Due to the presence of Naringin, its taste is bitter.

Ripe White Grapefruit

It should be plump and weighty, as though it’s almost certain to burst with juicy grapefruit. In general, the skin of ripe citrus will be smooth and thin. 

Test the firmness of the grapefruit by squeezing it.

How To Tell If A Grapefruit Is Ripe | Simple Guide

Seeds Of White Grapefruit

They are often seedless. The very first seedless grapefruit to come to market was the Marsh grapefruit.

While, like with any “seedless” citrus, one may encounter a stray seed now and then, your experience would be seed-free in the majority of cases.

Why Is My Grapefruit Bitter? All You Need To Know


Though some people like the sweet flavor of Ruby Red grapefruit, blind tasting tests consistently show that white grapefruit is superior. 

This is due to its own rich, “grapefruity” flavor and a balanced acid–sweetness combination. 

The Marsh has a strong grapefruit aroma, which many of us enjoy.

White grapefruit is sweeter than that of other grapefruit varieties, making it a perfect snack.

It’s also usually suggested for people that are trying to lose weight.

If you consume at least 1 white grapefruit every day, you’ll reap many of the grapefruit’s health advantages.

Why Is My Grapefruit Bitter? All You Need To Know

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