Dash Juicer Review: Pros, Cons, Features & Price

I am honestly very impressed by the Dash Compact Cold Press – Juicer. The product looks very high quality and the prices are very affordable.  I recently reviewed the Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer, and it has been a game-changer for my daily juice routine.

When I write these reviews, it is about $100. It is about $200. It is nearly four-fold less expensive than the HP hrom. Dash slow juicer is a great choice to make healthy and delicious fruit juices at home.

This shows prices are the highest selling points for this Dash Juicer. It has incredibly compact dimensions. Aobosi ColdPress juicers closest have dash with a little less slim profile.

Dash Juicer Review

The Dash Juicer, folks, is a nifty little masticating slow juicer that’s just perfect for those of you with smaller kitchens. You won’t break a sweat using it or cleaning it, and the juice it whips up is top-notch with hardly any pesky pulp. But wait, there’s more – it even comes with a cool attachment that lets you whip up your own homemade sorbets and frozen treats! Here is Dash Juicer Review:

Pros and Cons of the Dash Juicer:

Now, let’s break it down:


  1. Compact Size – It’s compact, which is a fancy way of saying it won’t hog up all your counter space.
  2. Ease of Use and Cleaning – Using it and cleaning it? A piece of cake.
  3. High-Quality Juice – The juice it squeezes out? Pure quality, with barely any annoying bits.
  4. Frozen Attachment – Oh, and that frozen attachment? It’s like having a dessert wizard in your kitchen.


  1. Limited Power for Tough Ingredients – Sometimes, it might struggle a bit with the tougher fruits and veggies.
  2. Small Feed Chute – The chute where you drop your goodies in? A bit on the small side.
  3. Noisiness – And, well, it can be a bit chatty, so it’s not the quietest juicer in the neighborhood.
The prices are reasonable.Cold press juicers are notoriously sluggish, which is true in most cases.
The inverse function is availableYou must prepare the ingredients for them to fit through the feed tube.
Not too much noisy
Pulp Ejection
One-year limited warranty.
Simple to assemble and clean up afterward
You may manufacture nut milk with this method.
The juice lasts for 72 hours.
Dash Juicer

What to Consider When Choosing the Dash Juicer

So, when you sum it all up, the Dash Juicer is a solid choice for folks who want a compact and wallet-friendly slow juicer that’s a breeze to handle and keeps the pulp to a minimum. But keep in mind that it might not be a Hulk when it comes to some tougher ingredients, and it’s not exactly library-level quiet.

Hear the Positives Reviews From Users Of Dash Juicer:

And now, let’s hear what some folks who’ve given it a whirl have to say:

  • “I’m head over heels for my Dash Juicer! So easy to use, easy to clean, and the juice is out of this world. No regrets here!”
  • “My tiny kitchen loves this juicer. It’s small but mighty and delivers juice that’s pure perfection. I’m giving it a thumbs-up!”
  • “I’ve juiced my way through a bunch of machines, and this Dash Juicer is the undisputed champ. Quiet, user-friendly, and the juice? Spectacular.”

Not-So-Positives Reviews of Dash Juicer From Users

To balance things out, let’s also take a look at some not-so-positive feedback:

  • “This juicer’s a bit cramped for my liking. Had to do some chopping to make things fit.”
  • “Carrots are tough customers for this juicer. It choked when I tried to juice ’em.”
  • “If you’re planning a quiet morning juice session, better warn the family. This juicer ain’t shy.”


  • Is it simple to operate the Dash Juicer? Cold press juicers, such as the Dash blender retain more nutrients and produce more juice, but there’s a catch: they’re a little slower than other juicers. 
  • If centrifugal juicers can create a glass of juice in a few seconds, a slow juicer will take a few minutes to make the same amount of juice.
  • In addition, because the feeding funnel is often narrow, you must chop your product into little pieces before placing it in the machine. In most cases, except for whole-slow juicers and the Hurom H200, slow masticating juicers feature either a half-moon 21.5-inch feeder or a circular 2-inch feeder.
  • That, in my opinion, is a tiny amount to pay for such a high-nutrient juice.
  • It is unlikely that you will have difficulties with the Dash blender during installation, usage, or cleaning. Because it’s a highly small machine with only a few moving components, it’s incredibly easy to maintain.

Specifications: Dash Juicer Review

TypeCold press juicer
Juice QualityHigh
Dishwasher SafeNo
MotorLow speed
Pulp EjectionExternal
ColorsAqua, Graphite, Black, 
Best for JuicingCitrus Fruits, Leafy Greens, Nuts & Beans
WarrantyOne year
ApplicationPersonal and Home Use
Noise levelMedium
Dash Juicer Review

Customer Reviews–more nutrient-rich juice

I love getting gifts for birthdays and Christmas gifts. It’s incredibly good, easy to use, easy to clean and it makes juicing very convenient for me.

This little machine doesn’t make a big amount of juice but is ideal for a cup of fresh fruit juice for an individual. The juicer should be cleaned regularly after each use. 

The cold-pressed juice stays fresh for long!

I’m finding that a brush to clean straws works well to wash juicers. The Pulp measuring cup is amazing.

Love the juicers! It’s great! I really like the size and its use in macular juice. It’s built to be lightweight. Hope they will help you in the context of Dash Juicer Review.

Advice from the experts

To avoid dirt accumulation, clean your juicer immediately after use. If this is the case, wash the removable pieces through warm water with some teaspoons of dishwashing solution for a few minutes and then wash them. Remove the filaments from the filter, give it a thorough washing, and dry it well, and your juicer will be brand new again. I have a brand new Dash cold press juicer, and I can’t wait to start making delicious, healthy juices at home.


Is Dash compact centrifugal juicer worth it?

The Dash Compact Centrifugal Juicer can be a worthwhile choice for individuals seeking a budget-friendly juicer that offers decent performance for basic juicing needs. However, its smaller size and slightly lower juice yield compared to more expensive models.

Is it simple to keep clean?

Another disadvantage of the Dash blender is that it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, as I already stated, there aren’t any huge bits to clean up afterward. Using your hands to clean it will surely take around 2-3 minutes.

What  Types of Fruit and Vegetables Can Dash Juice?

Dash Compact Cold Press Juicer can juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It can process fresh produce, heavy food, citrus fruits, and leafy greens. Just one point you need to remember is to break these materials into manageable parts to avoid your processor being clogged with them.

Is Dash Juicer worth it?

It is a Gentle RPM (revolutions per minute) extractor that can handle thick vegetables, citrus, and leafy greens without clogging.

The slow juicing technique produces more juice and more nutrients being retained compared to its rivals. One of the most economical cold press crushing processors commercially available, and Dash Juicer makes it.

Does Dash Juicer Contain a Pulp Measuring cup?

Dash Juicer provides you with everything you need for a cold-pressed juice, like a cleaning brush, pulp measuring cup, and ingredients pusher. You really need a Dash Premium juicer to take your juicing experience to the next level.

What is the best slow juicer to buy?

Best Juicers in 2022 for greens and fruit. Breville Juice Fountains SL cold plus,  Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Largemouth 2 speed juice extractor. Hurom H 200 Simple Clean Fast Juicers. Breville juice fountains are fast juicers.

Is a slow juicer worth it?

Slow juicing units offer great quality juices and can juice in larger amounts. Centrifugal wins are simple. Slow Juice machines are slow because of design constraints limiting how they juice. The Dash Compact Cold Press Power Juicer is a versatile kitchen appliance that allows you to easily extract nutritious juices from a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Which juicer is best slow or fast?

Some say that cold brewing juicers offer higher quality juices because they are pulpy and contain additional nutrients. Slow juicers are quieter than fast juicers. A dash juice extractor is a kitchen appliance designed to quickly and efficiently extract fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.

What is the most reliable juicer?

The Nutribullet Slow Juicer is the best all-around juicer.

The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is the most affordable option.

Omega Slow Juicer is the finest slow extractor on the market.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold is the best turbo juicer on the market.

The Breville 3X Bluicer is the best choice for starters.

Are there Dash juicer parts available?

Someone asked me, “I need to order some replacement dash juicer parts to fix my broken juicer and enjoy fresh, healthy drinks again”. The answer is Yes, they are available.

The Bottom Line on the Dash Juicer Review

To wrap it up, the Dash Juicer is a smart pick for those in the market for a compact and budget-friendly slow juicer. But remember, it’s not invincible – it’s got a few quirks like the small chute and its “voice.” So, choose wisely, juice lovers! 🍏🍓🍊🍹

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