Garlic Growth Cycle

Garlic is a member of the lily family. It grows underground and produces bulbs called cloves. When the bulb starts to grow, it sends out roots that spread out into the surrounding soil. These roots produce new bulbs. As the bulbs mature, they send up shoots that eventually turn into flowers. Each flower produces an … Read more

What Is Unique About Purple Garlic? Inside Reality

Purple garlic has many uniqueness as purple garlic has purple lines on the outer papery covering of it. It contains few but large size petals, a stiff and spicy taste with the best quality. However, the bulb of purple garlic contains enough storage and provides a unique flavor all over the winter. I. How Purple … Read more

How to Start A Profitable Garlic Wholesale Business?

Do you want to have a profitable garlic wholesale business? Surely you will, that’s why you are here now! In this article, I’ll explain how to sell garlic wholesale. I. Effective Ways to Start a Profitable Garlic Business Here are some effective ways to start a business and selling garlic commercially:  Select An Appropriate Location … Read more

Pickled Garlic Health Benefits | 10 Amazing Benefits

Pickled garlic health benefits are unlimited. Pickled garlic is good for treating brain cancer, lung cancer, cold, arthritis, and heart diseases. Pickled garlic is mostly used as a flavor in food, and the benefits of pickled garlic have been numerous since ancient times. Still, garlic is used as medicine to treat many diseases. Garlic is … Read more

Garlic Turned Green: Is It Safe?

Is your garlic turned green? Don’t worry! Here is the solution. Enzymes, which are found in all veggies and organic foods, are found in garlic as well. Sulfur in the garlic reacts with it garlic turns green or even a shade of blue.Garlic’s color doesn’t vary much when it’s fresh. Because the enzymes and chemicals … Read more