Why Is My Garlic Purple: All You Need To Know

Purple Garlic has a purple color to the thin outermost layer of garlic but the cloves are the same as white garlic has. But there are more cloves in white garlic instead of purple. The cloves turn to grow around the stalk of the plant. The cloves of purple garlic are juicy with a milder taste.

I. Is Purple Garlic Better Than White

There isn’t a huge difference between white garlic and purple garlic. We can use purple garlic to replace white. 

Purple garlic is not easily available at the stores as white garlic is common and easy to grow, Also both have different taste effects while cooking.

Both help to maintain the immune system of humans. A strong and healthy immune system will stop the hazardous effects on the body.

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II. Where Does Purple Garlic Come From

The origin of purple garlic is from the old village of San Jose De Magdalena. The village is located midway down a dusty and steep mountainous area of the Baja Peninsula.

 It was first planted over 300 years ago for the Spanish ministers because they liked to eat the best garlic. The method of farming purple garlic is old because villagers fertilize the purple garlic on handmade terraces.

III. Purple Garlic Benefits

Purple garlic is a bit like white Garlic So, there are many benefits too

1-Health Benefits

  • Purple Garlic is a magnificent source of Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and magnesium.
  • Also get Iron, Copper, and Calcium selenium with strong antioxidants idant.

2- Raise the secretion of insulin

  • It boosts insulin secretion
  • Use in daily routine will decrease the risk of Diabetes type II and also be useful in Insulin synthesis

3- Decrease the risk of cancer

  • Purple garlic is high germanium and selenium that stops the synthesis of nitrosamine
  • Also, substance allicin prevents the development of cancer cells
  • Used in daily diet will help to activate the phagocytosis process and increase the immune system to combat cancer.

4- Low LDL level of Cholesterol

  • Decrease the extra lipids from the blood and stop heart diseases like atherosclerosis

5- Prevent conditions aging

  • Anthocyanin, a strong antioxidant present that helps to clear the wrinkles

6- Effects of Anti- Inflammation

  • Rich in allicin, that have Antibiotic and hypoglycemic effects and is more acidic than white garlic
  • Almost all nutritions are present in purple garlic in a little amount
  • It can help in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

IV. Where To Buy Purple Garlic

You can buy purple garlic from a few supermarkets. But mostly it is found in some special markets and from the farmers’ market.

In China, purple garlic is sold in a particular season in which purple garlic grows. They may ship both white and purple garlic.

Also, you can order online from different platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

Purple garlic is very nutritious and is easy to grow at home in a suitable condition.

V. Red Purple Garlic

Red-purple garlic is distinct by its great flavor and its purple cloves. The peel of this garlic is edible, that’s why the Chefs and the cooking experts like to use red-purple while cooking.

The shape of red-purple garlic is spherical and its size is medium with white color.

8 to 10 medium curved-shaped cloves are present in this garlic and have a hot and great taste.

Also, red-purple garlic has some benefits like white and purple garlic. The substance allicin is more than other kinds of garlic. Also, increase the antibiotics and healthy features. 

Also high in iodine, sulfur silica. It is available throughout the year and harvested in July.

VI. Why Is My Garlic Pink

Sometimes Garlic grows pink due to the acidic environment, which may lead to the spoilage of Garlic. But it can be controlled by giving a favorable environment. Like we made pickles.

Although pink garlic is not suitable for cooking because the taste of the garlic has been changed. Pink Garlic is not sticky. 

Although, purple garlic doesn’t mean that garlic is purple. Only the peel of the cloves are Purple, inside the gloves are white. The word purple indicates that it is high in anthocyanin.


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