How Can You Tell If Frozen Broccoli Is Bad

The broccoli that you cook or store your broccoli in the fridge prior to freezing will also impact the shelf longevity. Have you ever walked into the crisper drawer in your refrigerator to discover a lost head of broccoli and aren’t sure whether it’s safe to use? It’s not unusual! Everyone has occasionally let a piece of fruit or vegetable sit an inch too long in the fridge. Figuring out if it’s still suitable to eat is a challenge. If you’re uncertain about a suspicious piece of broccoli, continue reading for tips on how to determine the difference if your broccoli has gone bad.

If you’re anything like me, you might have forgotten about the head of broccoli that you have in your fridge but then take it out weeks or days later and be left wondering whether the broccoli is still edible. If you’re looking to know whether broccoli is good or not, you’re on the right track!

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When Does Frozen Broccoli Go Bad?

The answer will depend on the method you purchased or stored the broccoli. Did you pick up the package of frozen broccoli from the supermarket and then immediately place it in the freezer? The broccoli is likely to last for a year beyond the date of the bag you put it in, if you don’t take it out.

If you’ve bought a tonne of raw broccoli at the grocery store’s produce section. Did you keep it in the fridge for a few days then place it into the freezer? Did you put it into the freezer upon returning back from work?

Does Frozen Broccoli Go Bad?

Broccoli that has been frozen can become rotten at the end of a year or so after you place it back in your freezer. Broccoli purchased frozen in a box typically lasts up to 8-10 months following the date printed on the package “best when used by” date.

What affects frozen broccoli’s Shelf Life within the Freezer?

A variety of factors can reduce the shelf life of frozen broccoli which include packaging, temperature and the power source.

Poorly packaged

The first issue is poor packaging. When air is introduced into containers for storage or containers, then ice crystals can develop. This is an indication of the presence of freezer burn.

Temperature Changes

The second issue is that temperature fluctuations within your freezer could create problems. Certain older freezers must be aired-out and thawed frequently to maintain their efficiency. Some lose the capacity to keep the internal temperature constant.

Power Issues

Third electrical outages, power failures or mechanical problems that result in your freezer to cease to function will eventually let the entire contents. To preserve any broccoli that is frozen, transfer it to a refrigerator that is functional quickly and eat in 5 to seven days.

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How do you know if frozen Broccoli is a problem?

Understanding how to store broccoli correctly is an easy method to stop your broccoli from getting rotten in the first instance. Broccoli can be kept in the freezer or fridge either as a whole or chopped into pieces. It will last between 3 and five days. In case you’ve lost track of the time there are three things to consider to decide if your broccoli is safe to eat.

It’s bad for broccoli when it’s brown, contains mold and crystals of ice or smells rancid. is mushy and limp. Any of these indicators are negative. It’s also advisable to think that frozen broccoli is not safe if you are unable to recall when you put it into the freezer or if there’s not a date.

The Color isn’t Green

The first step is to check for the hue of the flowers. They must be bright uniform green. If they’ve got brown or yellow spots, this is a sign that your broccoli is beginning to lose its freshness. If you see tiny black or white spots appearing on the florets or on the stem, it indicates that mold is beginning to grow and it’s time for you to throw it away. Broccoli which is on the way out will initially change color to yellow. It’s technically possible to be safe to eat at this moment. However, many people do not find the taste or thought of eating yellow broccoli appealing.


If you look in the crisper drawer, and smell a sour odor comes out this could indicate that the broccoli is beginning to go bad. The entire broccoli crown are supposed to smell fresh and vegetal. Broccoli when cut into florets releases sulforaphane, a chemical found in a variety of cruciferous vegetables which emits an unpleasant odor. If the smell is not too strong it is likely to be fine.


When broccoli is involved it is essential to have a good texture. The broccoli stem must be solid. A stem that is soft is a sign of the possibility of spoilage. The stalk must also appear fresh and not cracked or dried out. If the portion of the stalk that is at the bottom appears dry, you might be able to trim the dry parts and enjoy the broccoli, provided that there aren’t any other indications of spoilage. If the florets or stem appear wilted or swollen, they’ve lost enough moisture and must be discarded.


The mold will appear as tiny black or brown spots on broccoli heads. If you notice these, it’s ideal to eliminate the broccoli as there’s usually greater amounts of mold in the broccoli than what you discern.

How Long Will Broccoli Keep in The Fridge?

A head of broccoli in its entirety is good for up to 7-10 days when stored in the fridge. If the broccoli is cooked, shelf life is reduced to two days.

Is Broccoli Healthy for You?

Yes! Broccoli is loaded with great nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K iron, plenty of fiber, and much many more!

How to Keep Broccoli?

You can store broccoli in your refrigerator as it is or cut to florets over a period of 3 to 10 days. The whole head of broccoli can last longer than 10 days while florets will go to waste quicker. Broccoli can be frozen for many months!

How Do You Determine What’s the Sign Raw Broccoli Is


Raw broccoli is soft, swollen and discolored to the color of brown or yellow, and also stinky, and could be soiled with mold. Hope these tips aid you in figuring out what to look for to determine if the broccoli is rotten or great! Please let me know if have any questions , post them in our comments!

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How Can You Find Out If Broccoli That Has Been Cooked Is Good?

The leftover cooking broccoli is able to be kept within the fridge for a couple of days. It will begin to degrade and then become liquid, smelly, and could even develop an opaque liquid or a mold develops if kept in the refrigerator for too long. It is also possible to tell if broccoli is in a bad state when you notice how soft the plant’s stem has become. Most fresh vegetables come with hard trunks or stems and if the root of the broccoli is soft, it’s begun to fall off and you shouldn’t eat it.

Shelf Life of Broccoli

It is also important to keep track of the shelf life of broccoli to properly store it and to be able to relish fresh. Below are the various shelf life of broccoli according to its condition and the place you store it:

Cooked Broccoli

Broccoli that was cooked on the counter for a about two hours

Broccoli that was cooked in the fridge for 4-5 days

The broccoli that was cooked in the freezer: approximately 1 year

Raw Broccoli

Raw broccoli left out on the counter 1 to 2 days

Raw broccoli stored in the refrigerator: up to 4-5 days

Raw broccoli stored in the freezer for around one year

Find out how you can properly store broccoli to allow it keep its freshness and remain fresh in our guide to freezing broccoli.

How Long Does A Bag Of Frozen Broccoli Last?

Proper storage and freezing After freezing, transfer it into a plastic container or freezer bag that can be resealed. The broccoli should remain fresh-tasting and free of freezing burn for six to 8 months.

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Frozen Broccoli?

Listeria is unique among food bacteria due to its ability to be able to survive and grow when temperatures are cold. Food items that are contaminated with listeria are a danger since: Listeria may be spread to other food items within a freezer. The storage of frozen vegetables can be for extended periods of time.

Do old Broccoli Cause you to get sick?

While broccoli doesn’t come with expiration time, you could be sick if you consume it once it has gone bad. The soiled broccoli can have a bitter taste, and you’ll not desire to take more than a small portion. A large amount of broccoli can cause food poisoning , accompanied by symptoms such as minor abdominal cramps, pain as well as vomiting and diarrhea.

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Can You Consume Broccoli Which Has Changed Brown?

It’s not in a way that will cause you to be sick, but the flavor will not be the most appealing. If there are tiny brown or black spots on the broccoli’s head take them off.

Can I Consume Frozen Vegetables with expiration dates?

A lot of frozen food items like frozen pizzas, vegetables and even frozen pizzas are safe to consume after expiration date. If the meat was purchased and then frozen, the expiration date shouldn’t exceed more than 50 percent.

What does soiled Broccoli Have a Look?

The appearance of mold on broccoli is like white spots that appear fuzzy on the florets or dark areas on the tree. If you notice that certain florets appear dark or shrunken, the broccoli is rotten. If you only see few small spots, sometimes you can cut them off and make use of the remaining vegetable.

Can Broccoli Be rotten in the Freezer?

If stored in the freezer broccoli could last for up to one year. If you are planning to keep broccoli for more than one week, it is possible to keep them in your freezer. The cooked broccoli can be put straight into the freezer, and then removed when required. Raw broccoli needs to be blanched prior to storing it in the freezer.

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