[Solved] 10 Fixes Freezer Not Working After Power Outage

Is your freezer not working after power outage?
The reasons for the freezer not working after power outage are a power surge, tripped circuit breaker, faulty compressor, or defrost timer malfunction. To fix check the circuit breaker, reset the freezer, clean the condenser coils, or call a repair technician.

[Solved] Freezer Not Working After Power Outage
[Solved] Freezer Not Working After Power Outage

Chest Freezer Not Working After A Power Outage: 10 Reasons and Fixes

1. Check for Power Supply Issues

  • Reason: Sometimes, it’s not your freezer at fault; it’s the power supply.
  • Fix: Ensure the outlet is functioning properly, and your freezer is securely plugged in. Consider using a surge protector for added protection.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to check if the power cord is damaged.
Broken Power Cord Of Freezer
Broken Power Cord Of Freezer

2. Thermostat Settings

  • Reason: After the power outage, your freezer may need some thermostat adjustment.
  • Fix: Set the thermostat to your desired temperature and allow it some time to cool down. Refer to your user manual for specific instructions.
  • By the way, if your freezer has a “fast freeze” setting, that can help speed up the cooling process. Down below I have added the image of the thermostat with the setting shown on it.
Thermostate of freezer
Thermostate of freezer

3. Defrost Timer

  • Reason: The freezer might be in a defrost cycle. The defrost cycle of the freezer is simple the cycle of heating and cooling to defrost different areas of the freezer.
  • Fix: Give it a few hours; most freezers automatically exit defrost mode. If it persists, consult your manual for a reset procedure.
  • While waiting, organize your frozen goods to optimize airflow and cooling. The freezer below has no frosting on it. All the frost has been melted down after a long power outage in the freezer.
Defrost Timer

4. Check the Circuit Breaker

  • Reason: A tripped circuit breaker can interrupt the power supply. Check if it is working fine. This issue is quite normal as circuit breaker trips after a power outage most of the time.
  • Fix: Locate your breaker box and reset any tripped circuit breakers.
  • Keep in mind that power surges during the outage might have tripped it.

5. Inspect the Outlet

  • Reason: Damaged outlets or plugs can obstruct power flow.
  • Fix: Inspect the outlet for visible damage and replace if necessary. Also, scrutinize the power cord and plug of your freezer.
  • Sometimes, a simple wiggle of the plug can do the trick.

6. Give it Time

  • Reason: Freezers need time to cool down after a power outage.
  • Fix: Exercise patience and wait for at least 24 hours. If it’s not cooling by then, proceed to further troubleshooting.
  • While waiting, enjoy some ice cream or a cold drink – it’s the best way to wait it out.

7. Inspect the Condenser Coils

  • Reason: Clogged coils can hinder the cooling process.
  • Fix: Unplug the freezer and clear the coils using a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Ensure they’re free from dust and can effectively disperse heat.
  • This is like giving your freezer a little spa day!

8. Check for Frost Build-Up

  • Reason: Excessive frost can impact freezer performance.
  • Fix: If you notice substantial frost, defrost your freezer by switching it off and allowing the ice to melt. Wipe away any water and reactivate the appliance.
  • Just be prepared for a little water puddle – towels are your friends.

9. Door Seals

  • Reason: Inadequate seals can permit warm air to infiltrate.
  • Fix: Scrutinize the seals for cracks or gaps. If any are evident, it’s time for a replacement. Here’s a simple test: place a dollar bill in the door; if it slips out easily, it’s high time to replace those seals.
  • You might be surprised how much money you can save by replacing those gaskets. Doors should not have space.

10. Call for Professional Assistance

Reason: If all else fails, it might be wise to summon the experts.

Fix: Get in touch with a qualified appliance repair technician to diagnose and rectify more complex issues.

It’s better to admit defeat and call the pros rather than risk further damage.

Question: Can a power outage harm a freezer? Answer: The harm to appliances and electronics typically doesn’t occur when the power goes out, instead, it’s when it comes back on that the network voltage may be higher or lower than the ideal amount. If the voltage is too high, it’s called a surge, and the small explosion can certainly harm equipment and appliances.

A quick freezer outage checklist 

  • Check the main refrigerator circuit breakers. 
  • Make sure the freezer is turned on. 
  • If you have an automatic defrost system, check the thermostat settings. Be sure the freezer is plugged into a grounded outlet. 
  • Inspect the cord for electrical shorts. 
  • Check the freezer components for any issues.
  •  The refrigerator may simply need time to cool down.

Keep Food Safe During Power Outages

Food safety is essential during power outages. Refrigerators should be closed as much as possible to prevent food spoilage. Freezers should be filled up to the top to avoid freezing over. Frozen foods should be placed on trays to stop dripping.

Keeping Food Safe During a Power Outage

If another power blackout strikes your house, you should know how to prepare yourself for it. You may have gone through dozens of power outages, and each one was different in length.

Being Prepared for Emergencies You should always be ready for an emergency because it could happen again. When it happens, you should act quickly.

Ensuring Food Safety Food safety is paramount. Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible. This will help prevent the transfer of heat into the freezer. Also, make sure to close the doors when you open them.

Optimal Refrigerator and Freezer Usage Refrigerators should be kept half-empty, but empty ones will last longer than full ones. Freezers should be filled with ice packs, but frozen ones will last longer.

Managing Frozen Food During Power Outages Food stored in freezers should be thrown out after four hours without electricity.

Can You Eat Raw Pumpkin?

Question: Why is my fridge freezer not freezing after a power outage? Answer: If your fridge is not cooling after a power outage, you may: 1) inspect the fridge’s power cord or check for visible signs of electrical damage. 2) Check the circuit breaker 3) Examine the electrical outlet. 4) service the start relay, or clean the condenser, or replace the condenser coil.

Freezer Not Working After Power Outage:

  • First, unplug your freezer for about 10 seconds, and then plug it back in. It’s like giving it a little reset.
  • Take a peek at the coils at the back of the freezer to make sure they’re clean and not covered in dust. Dusty coils can mess with your freezer’s mojo.

Freezer Not Freezing After Power Outage:

  • Double-check that your freezer is set to the right temperature. You don’t want it too warm or too cold.
  • Look at the door seal. Make sure it’s sealing up tight like a Ziploc bag. If not, some warm air might be sneaking in.
  • If your freezer still isn’t doing its freezing job, it’s probably time to call in a repair pro. They’ll work their magic.

How To Reset Freezer After Power Outage:
If you need to reset your freezer after a power hiccup, just unplug it for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. It’s like giving it a quick breather.

Freezer Beeping After Power Cut:

  • Check your freezer’s display screen for any messages. It might be trying to tell you something important.
  • Make sure the door is closed properly. Beep-beeping usually happens when it’s not sealed right.
  • If the beeping symphony continues, it’s time to summon a repair expert. They’ll figure out the mystery.

Freezer Power Cut:

  • Good news: your freezer can hold its cool for about 48 hours without power (24 hours if it’s only half full and the door stays closed). So don’t stress too much.
  • After that 48-hour mark, any food that thawed and refroze should be tossed, as it might not be safe to eat.

Freezer Stopped Working After Power Outage:

  • First things first, make sure your freezer is properly plugged in and connected. Loose cords can be sneaky culprits.
  • Check the circuit breaker to make sure it’s not tripped. It’s like a switch that needs to be on.
  • If your freezer’s still napping, it’s time to ring up a repair expert. They’ll come to the rescue.

Samsung Freezer Not Working After Power Outage:

  • Unplug your Samsung freezer for about 10 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • There’s a “Power Freeze” button – press and hold it for 3 seconds. Your freezer will start doing its thing again.

Freezer Test For Power Outage:

  • Here’s a simple trick: plug a lamp into the same outlet as your freezer. If the lamp doesn’t light up, your outlet doesn’t have power.
  • If the lamp shines bright, your freezer might be the one in trouble.

Fridge Freezer Power Outage:

  • If your fridge and freezer are joined at the hip, follow the same steps as you would for a solo freezer power outage.

No Power Freezer:

  • If your freezer’s in the dark, there’s not much you can do. You’ll have to wait for the power to come back before your frozen goods are back in action. Patience is key!

There you go, hope these friendly tips help you sort out your freezer issues. If you ever need more help, feel free to ask!


Question: How do I make my freezer work again? Answer: Step 1: Check the setting controls. To be sure your appliance is set to the appropriate temperature, check your appliance’s control settings. … Step 2: Clear out the freezer shelves. … Step 3: Clean the condenser coils. … Step 4: Remove excess frost buildup.

Question: How long after power outage does freezer food spoil? Answer: About 48 hours. A full freezer will hold a safe temperature for about 48 hours (24 hours if it is half full and the door remains closed). Food may be safely refrozen if it still contains ice crystals or is at 40°F (4°C) or below, however, its quality may suffer.

Question: What do I place in my freezer to know if the power went out? Answer: Store an ice cube or two in a sealed plastic bag or small container in the freezer; a sealed bag/container is important so the ice cube doesn’t evaporate and disappear. If the ice cube has melted down from its original shape, you’ll know the power was off for an extended period of time.

Question: How do I restart my deep freezer? Answer: First, cut power to your freezer by unplugging it from the wall or shutting off power to the appropriate control panel switch. Then reset the freezer’s control panel by lowering it to zero or using a shut-off switch. Consult your user manual for details on navigating the control panel.

Bottom Line

If your freezer is not working after power outage, don’t panic! Keep the freezer shut and keep everyone else out of it. You should always be prepared for an emergency. When the power returns, check the freezer to see if it works. If it doesn’t, then you know what to do next.





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