Garlic Turned Green: Is It Safe?

Is your garlic turned green? Don’t worry! Here is the solution. Enzymes, which are found in all veggies and organic foods, are found in garlic as well. Sulfur in the garlic reacts with it garlic turns green or even a shade of blue.
Garlic’s color doesn’t vary much when it’s fresh. Because the enzymes and chemicals are still active while it’s still quite fresh. ‘
Garlic that is old and mature is more prone to react with sulfur and become green since its natural enzymes and compounds have been broken down.
As soon as you begin chopping or grating garlic, chemical reactions take place. In order to reduce these responses, it is best to store your garlic in an airtight container and refrigerate it.

Garlic may also quickly turn green when sweated or simmered at low temperatures. Cooking garlic at a higher temperature will deactivate the enzymes that cause it to become green.

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    However, the color of garlic changes because of some factors that affect the garlic. Temperature, change in pH, heating garlic, or mixing it with an acidic substance are some of the factors.

    Also if we use fresh garlic, it is safer to eat. In old garlic, it is more liable to change to green color because it was stored for a long time.

    I- Garlic Turned Green In Vinegar

    Naturally, garlic contains a substance without odor called alliin, and the compound allicin has an enzyme alliinase.

    When garlic reacts with an acid such as vinegar, the substance allicin combines with amino acids that are present in the garlic to make rings of carbon-nitrogen called pyrroles.

    Pyrroles combine to form polypyrroles, which gives the color. A Group of four pyrroles creates the green color, the color is produced due to chlorophyll.


    II-  Garlic Turned Green In Fridge

    If we want to save the garlic from coloration then keep it in the fridge or freezer. But if your garlic color changes in the fridge then it means it oxidizes very fast.

    However, in an airtight container, there is no place of air going inside that keeps the thing safe. But if the garlic color has been changed it means that the temperature is not accordingly or the lid of the container is not perfect.

    To keep garlic fresh, keep it in the fridge or freezer but make sure that there is no leakage of gas.

    III- Garlic Paste Turns Green Is It Safe

    Yes, it is completely safe to utilize paste in cooking. The color change is due to the change of temperature of surroundings. You can eat that paste of garlic. Just keep the paste in small packs in the freezer, take the paste as much as you need for cooking, and also add vinegar to preserve it.

    Grind garlic paste turns green because it reacts with an acidic substance, such as common salt, vinegar, lemon, etc. These substances are the reason for the green coloration in garlic. 

    IV- If you want your garlic to have a softer taste and avoid turning green, what can you do?

    Work swiftly, cook rapidly, and keep your garlic cold. Chemical reactions begin as soon as you begin chopping or grating garlic.

    It’s a good idea to store your garlic in the fridge to prevent these responses at a minimum. Garlic that has been sweated or simmered at low temperatures may quickly turn green.

    To prevent garlic from becoming green, cook it at a higher temperature to deactivate the enzymes that cause it to be green.

    Garlic and onions should be prepared separately. In the same way that raw onions have many of the same building blocks as garlic, grating or chopping them together provides the garlic with an additional supply of green pigments.

    While sautéing onions and garlic, the onion should be cooked first so that its antecedents may be bound together or denatured.

    Do not add acid to the mix in the beginning. Pigment synthesis may be accelerated using acid. If you’re making a dish that calls for both acid and garlic, cook the garlic first to disable the enzyme before adding the acid.

    V-Garlic Turns Green In Slow Cooker

    Garlic green is quite safe to eat. The color change doesn’t affect the taste. The color change is because of a reaction of amino acids (that are called protein’s building blocks present naturally in garlic) and sulfur compounds.

    Due to this reaction, when we are cooking garlic in a slow cooker the above-mentioned enzymes react together to form a new molecule that allows green streaks to the garlic. It looks weird but is not harmful while cooking. 

    VI-Garlic And Onions Turn Green While Cooking

    Although it is normal to turn the green color of garlic and onion while cooking together because garlic has an acidic substance that reacts with the utensils or water and onion may change the green color because of the pH or age issue.

    Because sometimes we use the garlic or maybe aged garlic that’s temperature was too high as exposed to too much sunlight. When garlic and onion are cooked together then the substances are combined and form a green color.

    VII- Why Is My Raw Garlic Green

    Raw garlic is uncooked garlic which means the garlic is kept at normal temperature. There are enzymes present in garlic that give it a specific flavor and break down with the period. 

    Naturally, sulfur that is present in garlic reacts with the enzymes and turns the garlic color green. Sometimes the green color changes, it won’t. But overall green color affects the taste to bitterness.

    VIII- Why Is My Garlic Green Inside

    Garlic looks like a type of root, but actually, it is mature leaves or forms cloves. When the cloves are directly exposed to the extra sunlight or a huge inflow of fertilizers, a green sprout grows in the middle of the garlic. That sprout is called a germ.

    Because of the sunlight, chlorophyll was produced inside the garlic and turned green, developing a nasty bitter product. If the garlic has these green sprouts in it, then before cooking or using it raw, it’s better to remove that sprout because it contains chlorophyll, which is harmful.

    When onion turns to green color then there is the same phenomenon as garlic: there is a sprout that grows inside the onion that may change the taste to bitter. The growth of green color in garlic signifies that garlic sprouts turn to be green. It is not harmful but does not satisfy the taste you want.

    IX-Garlic Turned Green In Sous Vide

    Garlic cooked in sous vide is not always beneficial because it contains sulfur compounds that will combine with copper to produce copper sulfate, in the resulting garlic turned green. Also, the acidic ingredients in sous vide will affect the garlic taste and color.

    Green garlic in the sous vide will give a bitter taste after green coloration. So, if you want to avoid the unusual taste of the food, then add cooked garlic to the sous vide. You can also use garlic powder instead of raw garlic.

    X-Garlic Turned Green In The Oven

    It works fast to keep the garlic cold or cooked hot. Garlic turns green when we keep the garlic at a low temperature; it releases water or boils.

    So, when garlic cloves turn green then cook it at too high a temperature to prevent the enzymatic activity. Heating garlic can change the pH when reacted with an acidic substance, causing green color.


    Garlic that has been turned to green color is perfectly safe to eat and there isn’t any effect on the taste of garlic. If you want to avoid the color change of garlic then use oil and water to grind and make the paste. Also, add preservatives like salt to save it.

    In many countries, the color garlic is preferred instead of white garlic. In China, farmers save the garlic for a long period to change its color, because they get the award for color garlic. Mostly, the color change doesn’t affect the taste of the food if the garlic is fresh.


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