How to Tell If Fairlife Milk Is Bad?

Fairlife milk typically has a longer shelf life than regular milk due to its ultrafiltration process. However, it will still eventually spoil. To tell if Fairlife milk is bad, check for a sour or off smell, a curdled or lumpy texture, or an expiration date that has passed.

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Why does fairlife milk go bad? Fairlife milk undergoes a different pasteurization process—it’s heated at a higher temperature for a shorter time, giving it a longer shelf life before opening. Once you open it, treat it like regular milk, consuming it within 14 days and storing it in the fridge.

How to Check if Fairlife Milk is Bad


Good Milk Smells Clean: A little sweetness is normal. If your Fairlife milk smells weird, like sour or off, it might have gone bad.

Is it normal for fairlife milk to have a strange smell? Sometimes, upon opening, you might notice an unusual scent in our products. This happens due to our unique pasteurization method and the higher protein content. Don’t worry; it’s completely normal and safe to consume.


Fresh and Creamy Taste: A hint of sweetness and creaminess is what you’re looking for. If your Fairlife milk tastes funky or sour, it might be spoiled.


Smooth and White: Good milk looks smooth and has a white color. If your Fairlife milk looks odd, like clumpy, lumpy, or has a weird yellow or greenish color, it might have gone bad.

Does fairlife milk come with a seal? Nope, our products don’t have an inner seal, but the caps are designed to secure and protect the milk effectively.


Smooth and Creamy Feel: When it’s good, milk feels smooth. If your Fairlife milk feels strange, like thick, watery, or grainy, it might not be good anymore.

Expiration Date

Shelf Life: Fairlife milk lasts about a year unopened. But if it’s past that date, it’s safer not to use it.

Why doesn’t fairlife milk require refrigeration? The milk in our bottles is treated in a way that keeps it free from harmful bacteria or germs, ensuring its shelf life for up to six months without needing refrigeration.

Additional Tips for Storing Fairlife Milk


Keep it Chilled: Store it at 40°F (4°C) or colder in the fridge.

Usage After Opening

Within Two Weeks: Once opened, try to use it within 14 days.

How can you tell if milk has gone bad? Spoiled milk might look lumpy, thicker than usual, or slightly yellow. As for the smell, fresh milk doesn’t have much of an odor, but when it spoils, it will definitely have a sour smell that’s hard to miss.

Proper Storage

Avoid Fridge Door: Don’t keep Fairlife milk in the fridge door; temperatures there can mess it up.

Freezing Caution

Don’t Freeze It: Fairlife milk doesn’t do well in the freezer.

What makes fairlife milk taste so good? We put our milk through a special filtration process that concentrates the protein and calcium while reducing most of the sugar. This not only gives it a delicious taste but also ensures it’s packed with the essential nutrients you need.

Following these guidelines should help ensure your Fairlife milk stays fresh and safe for drinking.

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