Onion Garlic Paste Turns Green

If the onion garlic paste turns green then it is not actually onion it is garlic in the paste that turned green (1) due to a chemical reaction. It is totally safe to eat ginger garlic paste which turned green. If it smells good then it is good to go. Kindly note that there is no significant scientific research on the topic. However, normally it is said to be normal and safe.

The reason behind the onion-garlic paste turning green is the same as ginger garlic paste. The coloration is normal as it happens because of some chemical reactions between garlic, water, and the utensils in which it is cooked.

Let’s simplify the language for easy understanding:

How to Prevent Onion Garlic Paste from Turning Green:

  1. Store it Right: Keep your paste in a tightly sealed container to limit contact with air. Air makes the green color show up faster.
  2. Add Sour Stuff Last: If you’re using lemon juice or vinegar, add them at the end when making your recipe. This helps keep the green color away.
  3. Use Fresh Stuff: Fresher garlic and onions are less likely to turn green. The older they are, the more likely they’ll change color.
  4. Give them a Quick Boil: Before making the paste, give the garlic and onions a quick boil. It can help stop them from turning green.
  5. Chill in the Fridge: Once your paste is ready, put it in the fridge right away. The cold slows down the color change.
  6. Choose the Right Tools: When chopping garlic and onions, use stainless steel or glass utensils. Avoid copper or aluminum ones, as they can speed up the color change.

Why Does Onion Garlic Paste Turn Green?

Ever noticed your onion and garlic paste turning a bit green? It’s a common thing and nothing to fret about! Let’s talk about why this happens and how you can keep it from going green while focusing on your health and weight loss goals.

Why Does Onion Garlic Paste Change Color?

The reason for this color change is a natural reaction between the substances in garlic and onions and some acids. When they mix and meet oxygen, a green color can pop up. But hey, it might look odd, but it won’t harm you or affect the taste.

Why did my onion paste turn green?
Red onions, along with other red produce like cabbage and cherries, contain anthocyanins, pigments responsible for their color. When cooked with acid, the color intensifies, but when combined with an alkaline component, it can turn a surprising bluish-green.

Is it Safe to Eat?

Totally safe! Even if it looks a bit strange, eating greenish onion and garlic paste won’t harm you at all.

In a Nutshell:

So, now you know why your garlic and onion paste might go green and how to prevent it. Don’t let the color change bother you. Keep enjoying the tasty goodness of garlic and onions without any worries!

Even if it turns a little green, it’s still yummy and safe to eat. Happy cooking! 🍽️

Why is my onion garlic turning green?
The transformation is linked to the age of the garlic. Aged garlic accumulates more chemical precursors, affecting its color. Factors such as the source of purchase can influence the likelihood of these blue-green compounds forming.

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