11 Pickled Garlic Uses And 10 Precautions

Hey there health-conscious folks who love good food! If you’re a fan of garlic and its health perks, you’re in for a treat with pickled garlic! Pickled garlic not only makes your dishes taste awesome but also packs a nutritional punch.

34 Pickled Garlic Health Benefits Most People Don’t Know

11 Pickled Garlic Uses

Here are 11 Pickled Garlic Uses to enjoy pickled garlic:

1. Yummy Salad Toppers

Make your salads pop by tossing in some pickled garlic cloves. The tangy, zesty flavor adds a special twist. Say goodbye to dull salads!

2. Mix into Sauces and Dips

Blend pickled garlic into your favorite sauces or dips for an extra burst of flavor. It’s a healthy swap for using too much salt or unhealthy stuff.

3. Fancy Pizza Topping

Add pickled garlic to your homemade or store-bought pizza for a fancy touch. Not only does it make it taste better, but garlic might also help you with weight stuff. Win-win!

4. Charcuterie Board Additions

Make your charcuterie board better by including pickled garlic. Its strong flavor complements cured meats and cheeses.

5. Sandwich and Wrap Fillings

Slice or mash pickled garlic to spread on your sandwiches or wraps. It gives a nice zing and could be good for your heart.

6. Healthy Snacking

Snack on pickled garlic cloves straight from the jar. Not only is it a low-calorie treat, but studies suggest garlic may help with reducing inflammation.

7. Garlicky Drinks

Mash pickled garlic and add it to a refreshing homemade lemonade or mocktail. It’s a different but exciting flavor choice.

8. Pasta or Grain Bowl Mix-ins

Toss pickled garlic into your pasta or grain bowls for an exciting twist. It’s a great way to add flavor without adding extra calories, and garlic might have anti-cancer properties.

9. Garnish for Soups and Stews

Throw a few pickled garlic cloves in your favorite soups or stews. The garlicky kick can boost the flavors.

10. Marinades for Grilled Veggies or Protein

Include pickled garlic in your marinades for grilling veggies or protein. It adds a tangy depth of flavor and might help with healthy cholesterol levels.

11. Homemade Pickled Garlic Dressing

Make a tasty garlic-based dressing by blending pickled garlic with olive oil, vinegar, and herbs. Drizzle it over your salads for a burst of flavor and potential blood pressure benefits.

What can you do with pickled garlic?

It’s like these crunchy garlic pickles. You can slice them up and toss them on different stuff for that finishing touch.

10 Precautions To Use Pickled Garlic

Let’s dive into the 10 precautions and tips for using pickled garlic:

1. Portion Control is Key

Even though pickled garlic is delicious, it’s important to control your portions. Garlic, even in its pickled form, has calories, so keeping an eye on your servings can aid in weight management.

How long can you keep pickled garlic? Just pop it in the fridge until it’s pickled to your liking (I’d say at least 3 weeks in the fridge). You can keep it in the fridge for up to 4 months (check the notes) or seal the jars following the instructions below (just remember, pickled garlic still needs to be in the fridge; it won’t last on the shelf).

2. Read the Labels

Always read the labels on store-bought pickled garlic to check for added sugars or unhealthy preservatives. Opt for options with minimal additives.

3. Homemade is Best

If possible, consider making your pickled garlic at home. This way, you control what goes into it and can avoid excess sugars and additives.

4. Mind the Sodium

Pickled garlic can be high in sodium, which isn’t ideal for those watching their salt intake. Look for low-sodium or no-salt-added options, or rinse the garlic before using to reduce sodium content.

So, when you ferment it, garlic gets this different taste and even some good stuff your body likes. Compared to regular garlic, the fermented one is more active and helps your body work better and stay healthy.

4. Incorporate in Balanced Meals

Include pickled garlic as part of a balanced meal, alongside veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains, to ensure you’re getting a variety of nutrients.

5. Pair with Healthy Foods:

Pair pickled garlic with fresh vegetables, salads, or lean meats to add flavor without compromising your weight loss goals.

6. Monitor Reaction to Garlic

Some individuals may experience digestive discomfort or heartburn from garlic. Pay attention to how your body reacts and adjust your consumption accordingly.

7. Consult a Dietitian

If you have specific health concerns or dietary restrictions, consult a dietitian to determine the right amount of pickled garlic to include in your diet.

8. Limit Before Bed

Avoid consuming pickled garlic too close to bedtime, as it could cause indigestion or discomfort when lying down.

9. Balance with Water Intake

Drink plenty of water when consuming pickled garlic to stay hydrated and aid in digestion.

10. Moderation is the Key

Remember, like with any food, moderation is key. Enjoy pickled garlic in reasonable amounts to savor its flavors without going overboard.

Remember, don’t go overboard with pickled garlic to avoid too much sodium. Enjoy the tangy taste, savor the flavors, and appreciate the possible health perks!


Does pickled garlic help your gut?

Yeah, these fermented foods like garlic pickle are great for your gut. They bring in some good bacteria that your gut really likes.

Can you use pickled garlic in your cooking?

Sure thing! You can swap pickled cloves for fresh garlic. Or get creative – stuff them into olives, serve them with cheese, toss them into Mediterranean stews, mash them into potatoes with some olive oil, or put them next to other tangy snacks at a raclette dinner.

Why do some people in Asia eat pickled garlic?

Oh, in northern China, they serve this garlic with dumplings. When Spring Festival comes around, this pickled snack is almost a must because it helps with that heavy feeling you get from a big feast when the family gathers.

How much pickled garlic is okay in a day?

You can have like one or two pickled garlic cloves a day and it’s good for you. I’d say don’t go over 2-3 cloves a day though, unless you want that garlic breath! Too much can thin your blood.

What to do with extra pickled garlic?

Jazz up your cocktails with a couple of pickled garlic cloves. Try it in your next martini or Bloody Mary, for example. You can even swap garlic brine for olive brine in a dirty martini. And if you like a spicy Bloody Mary, grab those garlic cloves pickled with hot peppers.

Is pickled garlic as healthy as raw garlic?

So, does pickled garlic give you the same good stuff as raw garlic? Well, not quite. Pickling it can tone down some of the good compounds like allicin that raw garlic has, so it might not be as packed with health benefits.



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