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Each part of the fruit carries one to three seeds, which are spread by diverse agents because of the fruit’s development via the use of mammalian resources. This is a palatable hypothesis.

Do you know why are citrus fruits segmented? Segmentation inside the citric fruits is due to the development of the ovaries and how they are coded according to the species. Some citrus fruits have mutations so they show different kinds of segments. One segment shows one ovary locule. The number of segments varies according to the species or the variations in them.

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    Citrus fruit is considered to be the most eaten fruit worldwide due to its good flavor and juice.

    Most of the citrus fruit is related to the kind of hesperidium, a specialized type of berry particular to the citrus fruit.

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    Most lemons have 8 or 9 segments; oranges and limes can have up to 12; and grapefruit can have 14 or even more.

    Fruit NameNumber of segments

    Purpose of The  segmentation

    Why do citrus fruits have segments? The reason for segmentation in the citrus fruit is its growth from the ovary, as each segment is gradually developed from the locule of the ovary.

    The segment numbers are different according to the species or also different in the single species but mostly the range is between 10-15.

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    Each membrane is covered by an endocarp layer or membrane and has juice sacks with tight packing.

    segmentation in citrus fruit is due to some ancestral traits and the reason that they gradually develop.

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    Segments In The Citrus Fruits

    The segments of the citrus fruits are obtained from carpels, a part of the flower.

    The carpel is the female reproductive part of the flower and has ovules in it.

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    This is the reason that every segment has seeds in it. Carpels are always species-specific but contain a multiple of 3, 4, or 5.

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    Different citrus fruits have different segment numbers in them.

    • Lemon contains 8 or 9 segments
    • Oranges and limes contain more than 12 segments
    • Grapefruit has 14 or more than 14 segments


    Segments of the citrus fruit are sometimes used for the presentation of salads, jellies, or desserts.

    Citrus fruits have a sour taste and also these fruits are used to make juices.

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    Although, the outer covering of citrus fruits does not show that there are segments inside the peel the segments are made due to the fusion that happens in the early development of every individual fruit. Segments are sometimes fused, semi-fused, and loose.





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